Watch the Paneurhythmy

15. Aum

Aum, Aum, Aum, Om, Om, Aumen.
(4 times)

“There exists a flow of energy which comes from the Sun and passes through the center of the Earth and another flow which comes from the Earth and passes through the Sun. When we extend one arm upward at an angle of 45℃, we receive the Divine through it. Through the leg on which we are supported, we receive the energy of the Earth. Through the arm and the leg which are extended downward and back at an angle of 45℃ , we cast off the impure, all of our accumulated unprocessed
and disharmonious energies into the Earth. Through the repeated lifting of the arms forward and upward and the repeated lifting of the legs, we express the desire of our spirit to reach the heights. One works on Earth, but one’s inner vision is always directed to the world of the stars. One builds on Earth, but desires to embody that which one has received from the sphere of the stars. This movement is the correct way to be in harmonious contact with Nature.”
“When ‘Aum’ is sung with movements and one of the arms is raised upward and forward, and the other moves downward and backward, you should raise yourself up on your toes because they are connected with the Mental World. The raising up on the toes represents uplifting to the Mental World.”
“This is an exercise that one needs to keep sacred within oneself. It is taken from an ancient sacred song written in a minor scale. The Master gave it in a major scale. He explained, ‘If I had given this song as it was—in the minor scale—you would not have be able to withstand its vibrations: they would change the pulse of your heart.’
“When you sing sacred songs, you need to open your soul like a flower before the light of the Invisible World to become like an innocent and carefree child who is without fear of its surroundings. In such a state, you will merge with the Beings of the Intelligent World; and only in this way, will you understand what music is, what singing is, and what science is. If you are sorrowful, ill, or with an indisposed spirit, then pronounce ‘Aum’ few times. Sacred words exist—one of which is ‘Aum’—that you need to pronounce often even if you do not understand their meaning. Your spirit understands them, and that is enough. ‘Aum’ is a word of the Spirit. When you sing this Word of Its Language, the Spirit will understand you and will help you because It understands and knows your needs.”
“Aum is a mantra. The Master explained: ‘It is a great moment to feel this Su- preme Intelligence; to feel the connection among all beings—from the least to the greatest; and to experience that great vibration we call Amen, Aum, or as the Hindu say Aumen, and yet others call Om.’”
“In ‘Aum’, the arm is bent at the elbow, moving forward and up, slowly out- stretching (with a little bend remaining at the elbow) to an angle of 450. The palm is facing forward and is not an extension of the straight line of the arm. The move- ment is continuous, and the arms are not—even for a moment—stationary.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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