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20. Overcoming [Pobezhdavane]

“Night-time is over!” says the Sun;

Likewise is sadness overcome.

Steadily forward we bravely press,

Through days of happiness, through distress.

Life is endless love and beauty,

And to do God’s will our duty.

So press on, achieve your goal,

Fill with light your hungry soul.

Heaven will help you on your way;

Love will cast all fear away.

Happy are they who see the track,

Never a thought of turning back,

Always of living for the Whole:

This is victory for the soul.

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Denyat pristiga sled noshtta i radost ide sled skrâbta.

Vârvime niy po svetliy pât.

Pregradi nyama da ni sprat.

Tây bezspirno shte vârvime

s vyara i lyubov v gârdite,

kâm pobedi shte letime,

dokat’ gledat ni ochite.

Bodro vdigame chela,

smelo trâgvame napred!

Dori v nevolya i beda

za nas e hubav Bozhiy svet.

Milva ni tihiyat zefir.

Peyat ni ptichki s vesel glas.

Ley se v dushata eliksir

pri izgrev slântze v ranen chas.

“Both arms move forward and upward as if pushing the air. This represents taking possession of everything that has been attained and gaining mastery of that which we have achieved.”
“The human being is Divine. You possess hidden within all the possibilities for a high-principled Life. What you have lost, you will find. When? When you realize that God has implanted untold riches within you. All possibilities exist for a person to become an artist, poet, scientist, and so on. Malice in people is on the surface. It is something external. The Divine in human beings is unconquerable. No matter what trial a person passes through, in the end, he will return to his original state…
“Through the Light, the Advanced Beings—the Forces of Light—fight with the forces of darkness. The Light is the most powerful weapon. The Forces of Light have already had the upper hand over the forces of darkness. Victory is on the side of the Good.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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