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PART II. The Sun Rays [Slânchevi lâchi]

Bright and glorious springtime dawn is breaking,

For new life the sleeping Earth awaking;

With a light and rhythmic step

We hail the rising day,

On the mountain meadows in array,

With hearts full and gay.

Summits, lakes, and fountains flowing

Ring with music,

Sunshine, on the waters glowing,

Life infusing,

Nature ringing with our singing.

What a glorious spring!

What a glorious spring!

Heaven opens wide its portals

Blessings down to bring.

Draw from nature’s boundless wealth

Life abundant, glowing health;

Give your gifts of Love to all

People who are needy,

Thus you will achieve your highest goal.

Step with grace,

Turn your face

To the Source whence all bounties flow.

Send your call

To reach all souls in need,

Helping them to grow.

Share the joy of Earth

In her great new birth,

Share the joy of Earth

In her great new birth.

Some day Earth will be

A paradise of people free,

With the angels in full harmony,

Spreading Love,

Building God’s

Divine Creation we,

Guided from above.

Flowing streams

Of bright beams

Bless us, unbiased, from the Sun.

Keeping time with the rhyme

We can begin to live as one.

Share the joy of Earth

In her great new birth,

Share the joy of Earth

In her great new birth.

In the round we are bound

Till God’s Love gently turns the key.

Eyes as high

As the sky,

We’re then drawn into harmony.

Love will let us free!

Love is how to be.

Love will let us free!

Love is how to be.

7, 8, 9, and 10 to be sung in Bulgarian.

The meaning of the verses:

You have given birth to me, Mother,

as a beautiful human being,

that I may become wise,

know how to think rightly and love well.

This is the life of paradise.

Paradise, paradise…this is paradise.

Tell me, tell me two sweet words;

your two words, sweet two words.

This is paradise.

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Zora se e chudna zazorila, tya zhivota nov e proyavila.

Slânchev tanets v planinata zaigravame

i zadruzhno niy zapyavame slânchevite pesni.

Te sârtsata ni raztvaryat za lâchite,

Slântseto ni progovarya chrez igrite.

Nov zhivot ni to daryava,

nova svetlina, nova svetlina.

Skârbi zemni raztopyava

s’ svoyta toplina.

Vyarna stâpka ti vzemi, svetla misâl priemi;

tya zhivot shte ti dari,

radost nova i krasivi bâdnini shte izgradi.

Vse napred, v stroen red

smelo niy trâgvame napred.

Kam zhivot chist i nov

moshten zov prashtame navred.

Ide vech v sveta bratstvo i lyubov,

ide vech v sveta bratstvo i lyubov.

V nashata zemya nov zhivot koga izgree,

vsichko zhivo shte zapee za Slântseto.

V znanie, lyubov i svoboda

vseki shte zhivey.

Pâtya nov e gotov;

ot krâga tesen izlezni.

Kâm vârha, kâm vâzhod

v druzhen hod smelo dnes trâgni.

Gore te zovat svetli visini;

ti kâm svoboda pâtya poemi.

Ti si me, mamo, chovek krasiv rodila,

umen da stana, dobre da mislya,

dobre da lyubya.

Tuy zhivota e na raya.

Ray, ray, ray…

Tuy e ray, ray, ray. Ray, ray, ray…

Tuy e ray, ray, ray.

Kazhi mi, kazhi mi,

kazhi mi sladki dumi dve.

Kazhi mi, kazhi mi,

kazhi mi sladki dumi dve.

Tvoyte dumi dve, sladki dumi dve.

Tvoyte dumi dve, sladki dumi dve.

Tyu e ray, tyu e ray,

Tyu e ray, tyu e ray, ray.

Tyu e ray, tyu e ray,

Tyu e ray, tyu e ray, ray.



When the first spring flowers open their buds and the songs of the first migratory birds bring us a greeting from the warm places in the south, our hearts begin to fill with joy. These early signs herald the coming
of the wondrous spring. This is a great celebration of life! Then all life shows its splendor and magnificence and generously offers its hidden treasures to all. But is not humankind going through a similar process? There is a similar correspondence in other areas of life as well. Many signs confirm that a Cosmic Spring is coming. Today a new Wave is entering the world. Regardless of the thunder of current events (World War II), awakened souls sense with joy the first rays of a new coming.
The exercises described below are aptly named the “Sun Rays.” They herald the new day that is coming with gentle steps; they talk to us in their own language about its beauty. Is it possible to express in one word the Greatness which is now being born within our souls?
Love is the new which is now coming into the world! Centuries before the com- ing of Christ, Love’s gentle Light began to illuminate human souls. First as a small spark, it gradually ignites within the human soul becoming the bright flame that will illuminate the world. The Wave of Love is already working on Earth and it is unconquerable! It is the only force in the world that melts all things, overcomes all obstacles, and conquers all difficulties. It is the only power that is ever-victorious. Now that phase in human history has come, in which according to the Laws of de- velopment, Love blossoms within the human soul.
Human consciousness is awakening to a new revelation, a new insight into the depths of Creation that it may perceive the Core of Life: the Revelation that all is Love! Love has created all things in life; we are immersed in it. It comes from the stars, from every ray of the Sun, and from every fruit.
We, too, should embrace Love voluntarily, outwardly as well as inwardly. It is the only key, the only solution to all problems: personal, familial, social, national, and universal. The new understanding which is now being born within souls is: all that is done without Love is not real—it bears no fruit.
Love is like a precious stone which has been buried deep within the Earth’s womb for many years under great pressure and tension. In the same way that Love has withstood them, it now emerges to lead us toward freedom and expansiveness. It is the new that will save the world from all contradictions, suffering, and disappoint- ments. Love will teach humans something new. For thousands of years, everyone has served only themselves; but from now on, humankind will learn how to serve the One Great Intelligence in the world.
It is this great idea about the emergence of a wonderful new world on Earth which forms the foundation of these exercises and with which the music, movements, and lyrics are imbued. In other words, the beautiful process, which is happening now in the collective soul of humankind—a process of awakening, enlightenment, and liberation finds its external expression and manifestation in these exercises. This idea is like a unifying thread running through them from beginning to end.
Movement is an expression of life. Water preserves its freshness only while in motion. Only then is it useful. If it stays in one place, it cannot do any useful work. Everything in Nature moves: the movement of the celestial bodies, the clouds, the lightning, the blowing of the wind, and the flow of the rivers. The only valuable move- ments are those taken from Nature. Movements that do not come from Nature are not harmonious. They are the opposite: they are harmful. Sometimes one makes unnatural movements or takes unnatural postures bringing one into contact with inferior currents. People are suffering because of unnatural movements. Beautiful, natural movements give meaning to life, infusing energy, and liberating us from limitations.
Each type of movement is connected with certain forces in Nature and awakens a person to action and creativity. All movements are a specific language and com- munication. There are movements for each virtue, for each psychological state. For example, when someone reaches out to another person with good will, how can that be expressed in a movement? Specific forms of expression exist for compassion and so on. Every idea, every suffering or joy has a specific form of movement.
The movements in the exercise the “Sun Rays” are taken from Nature. They contain within them the Rhythm of the Sun in a pure original form. This Rhythm is embedded within the music and the movements.
These exercises have been taken from the temple of the initiates; they have been brought down to us from the higher realms of Nature.
The movements in these exercises should not be sharp or jerky; they should be gentle and graceful, with beautiful lines. One should step first on the toes, and then on the heels. If one steps first on the heels, a compression of the spine occurs; and as a result, the steps are rougher, mechanical, and agitated. Stepping on the toes first activates the thought process; it connects us with the finer energy of the soul.
When performing these exercises, the whole body should participate in each movement. With each movement all the cells need to be put into motion, and each part of the body needs to move within the energy field in which it is located.
When every thought, every idea is able to find external expression in a specific movement, then this movement has a powerful influence in the world. That is why these exercises should be performed with complete concentration, with a vigilant consciousness. When one performs them, one should not think about trivial and mundane things: about clothes, shoes, and so on.
When singing during these exercises, the energy needs to descend from the central brain to the solar plexus, and from there, return to the larynx. This means that while singing, the energy should pass first through the realms of Love, thereby acquiring life and the miraculous power to transform and heal, before it then passes through the larynx. In other words: when performing these exercises, one needs to dwell within one’s consciousness in the sublime world of Love.

The participants are arranged in pairs and form two groups. One group arranges themselves in 12 rays facing the center, and the other group forms the outside circle around the rays. First, the couples in the rays move along the radii, and the outside participants follow the circle around the circumference. After that, the left partner starts circling around the right who remains in place, then the partner on the right circles around the left, and at the end, both partners circle simultaneously in opposite directions. Then each couple holds hands and sings the words: Ti si me, Mamo, chovek krasiv rodila [You have given birth to me, Mother, as a beautiful human being] and so on, followed by clapping. They then make movements similar to blooming and finally to flying. Additional explanation about each one of these movements is given below.
The twelve rays represent twelve gates through which life enters into us. These are the 12 gates of life as expressed by the 12 signs of the zodiac. In “Revelation,” Chapter 21:12, there is a reference to the 12 gates.
There are two currents of energy, which exist within Nature: one that flows from the Divine Wellspring of Life outward, and another that brings the energy back to the center. The first current is represented by the movement of the twelve rays toward the center. They go toward the center in order to receive the Divine Forces, and then return in order to infuse them into the outer circle, which is set into motion. The outside circle is set into motion by the forces received through the twelve rays from the Divine Center, from the One Infinite Intelligence.
This process has its reflection—its analogy—in each area of life. For example, the human body has two currents: arterial and venous. The first current moves from the center to the periphery carrying pure blood; and the second—from the periphery to the center so that the venous blood may be purified and again enter into the circle of life.
This cosmic process has its reflection in the Solar system. The Earth is orbit- ing the Sun. In this case, the Earth’s orbit represents the outside circle. Here the movements of the 12 rays signify the electromagnetic currents from the Sun to the Earth, and vise versa. The first current—from the Sun to the Earth—can be called “arterial.” It brings electromagnetic solar energies. The second can be called “venous”—it carries electromagnetic energies which, on the Earth, have lost their primordial rhythm. They pass through the center of the Earth and return to the Sun in order to regain their original rhythm.
It is obvious that the movements of the 12 rays toward the center and back ex- press the global cosmic process which occurs within the least and the great, within the individual and the collective, within the parts as well as the whole. It takes place within every organism, within the collective humankind, within the Solar system, and within the whole of Nature. This process supports the Wheel of Life—it is the great Rhythm of Life.
Clapping with the right hand over the left as the participants first advance toward the center signifies the transmission of the positive energy of the right hand to the negative energy of the left hand. In this way, both hands are brought into attun- ement, and only in this way, can we step forward. This attunement is also expressed by the movements of the arms to the right without clapping, as if trying to fly. In other words: until we balance our energies, we cannot fly and cannot move forward. The action of returning takes place through the semi-circular movements of the feet that are made in sweeping arcs backward. This denotes that what has been taken from the center is now being transmitted to the outside circle.
The lines that the feet circumscribe while approaching the center for the second time represent the magnetic forces: the forces of the heart.
The movements of the feet during the third advance toward the center express the balancing of the electromagnetic forces; they express the will.
As a result of the eternal cosmic process, humankind moves forward: from unstructured or unorganized life toward the structured or organized life. The next movements of the “Sun Rays” represent the historical path of humankind moving toward enlightenment. The movements 4, 5, and 6—the single and the double circling of the partners—represent that phase in the history of humankind when it exists within a closed circle of dense matter, and there is no way out.
If we follow the history of human development, we will see how in the past hu- man consciousness gradually descends into matter, loses its spiritual values, and becomes a material culture—even conscious awareness about the reality of the sublime realms of spirit is lost. In this phase humankind has been predominantly working with the material forces and laws. The forces of the spirit are limited and humankind exists within a closed circle. This is represented by the circling move- ments. The circling is individual and collective, in other words, humankind exists within a closed circle, in the individual life as well as in the collective.
Yet the moment comes for the liberation from the limitation of the closed circle. The circling stops. The participants come to hold hands and sing the song: Ti si me, Mamo, chovek krasiv rodila.
This process, through which humankind is passing, is to some extent, expressed in Bulgarian folk music. Folk music, in general, expresses the path of the nation’s soul. The path, which the soul of the Bulgarian nation treads, is expressed within the Bulgarian folk music. What is its special quality? It is the longing for something lost. In some songs the Bulgarian expresses his sadness about something lost; he exists within a closed circle. Sometimes he comes to moments of illumination and a spark of hope for liberation shines within him. This can be felt within the music. But afterward, the motif of sadness for something lost returns. This process is common to all humankind. The “Sun Rays” can also be defined as: the path of humankind from the closed circle toward Freedom.
When we are troubled within, we exist within the old. We move around and around in a circle, and when we come to the same old place, we ask, “Is there no way out?” When one exists within the closed circle, one is like a horse that thrashes and flails. But when one finds a way out, one rejoices.
Leaving the closed circle is the awakening of the human soul. It is liberation. Now is the time when this process of awakening is in store for the whole of humankind. The awakened human beings have come to know their essence, purpose in life, mis- sion, and work in the world. They leave the world of torment, limitations, and tears; enter the world of music; and begin to sing with joy: Ti si me, Mamo, chovek krasiv rodila, umen da stana, dobre da mislya, dobre da lyubya. Tuy zhivota e na raya. [You have given birth to me, Mother, as a beautiful human being, that I may become wise, know how to think right and love well, for this is the Life of Paradise]. This is the great day for which the human soul has been longing and waiting throughout the centuries. This is the solemn tone expressed in Beethoven’s ninth symphony, in which after a long painful struggle of much suffering and disappointment, a light enters within and a gleam of understanding descends regarding one’s purpose in life.
The “Sun Rays” exercise represents the great drama along the path of the indi- vidual and humankind. These rhythmic exercises possess the power to move this process forward and help in the transition from the realm of the closed circle to the joy of liberation. This is the moment when one breaks away from the chains of the closed circle and enters into the unlimited world of Liberation and Freedom, and when the first ray of Love emerges and shines within. After many long struggles from within and without, the solemn song of liberation from the chains of the past begins to sound. This is expressed by the words of the song: Ti si me, Mamo, chovek krasiv rodila.
The chains have fallen away forever. One perceives life in a completely differ- ent way. Imagine a person who is set free after many years in a prison. With what joy does he appreciate the smallest blade of grass! How each ray of the Sun, every puff of the wind, and every glimpse of the stars are a source of great joy for him! Or imagine a seed buried in the cold wet ground, pressed into the darkness by the layers of soil. And yet, the forces inside the seed are powerful. They overcome all obstacles and the new shoot sprouts and begins to reach upward toward the Sun, vastness, and freedom. Something similar takes place when the Ray of Love shines for the first time within the human soul. This is like the emergence from a long, dark tunnel into a smiling, sunny, and full of flowers meadow.
The song speaks about the Mother. It refers to the great Universal Mother—In- telligent Nature—from which the human soul has emerged. After finishing School, the soul comes to its Mother with fruit collected from its study and is ready to serve.
The clapping, which follows, is an expression of the joy of entering into the New World that is coming now to Earth. This is our return to Paradise. And Life within Paradise is this: to dwell in Love!
Positioning the hands one over the other represents the balancing of the two currents: the warm and the cold, the magnetic and electric. The lower part of the hand signifies the warm current—the heart; whereas the upper part—the cold current of the mind. After bringing these two currents into attunement, the hands open like a flower to the sides. This signifies the readiness to receive. The soul is blooming and receives the energies necessary for its uplifting, similar to the process of the open- ing of a flower bud so that it may receive the rays of the Sun.
After that, the arms make movements similar to flying. This represents the path of light and the ripening of the fruit. One enters into the path of all opportunities for accomplishments, free of all limitations. All this is symbolized by flying—leaving the life of shadows and entering into the life of the Great Reality.

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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