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23. Beautiful Day [Hubav den]

Endless beauty brings the spring:

Heav’n and Earth with music ring,

Living joy in everything,

Branches, blossoms, bubbling springs.

All around in dazzling rings,

Angels spread their rainbow wings

Over every soul that sings,

Over every soul that sings. (Fine)

1. As we welcome each new day,

From the Sun a shining ray

Fills with fire our heart’s desire

To see, to hear, to live anew,

Learning Love and Wisdom true,

Learning Love and Wisdom true.

Endless beauty brings the spring:…

2. Then God whispers in our heart,

“Life Divine today you start.

“Praise with song the life you’re given,

“Bless each soul upon your path,

“Ever grateful, ever glad,

“Ever grateful, ever glad.”

Endless beauty brings the spring:…

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Vseki hubav Bozhi den disham radost i zhivot.

I likât mi e zasmyan, che obicha men Gospod.

Slânchitseto sâs lyubov milva moeto litse.

I glasât lyubim Hristov shepne v moeto sârtse: (Fine)

“Krepko, smelo ti zhivey

i pomagay na sveta!

S pesni radostni vâzpey

ti na Boga lyubovta –

nash Bashta lyubim i svyat

i na vsi dushi poznat.”

“This exercise consists of alternately extending one leg in the air with spring-like motion of the other leg by bending its knee. Through these movements in which one stands on one leg while the other is in the air, the energy of the nervous system is correctly set in motion. The action of the will becomes intensified. These movements are for strengthening the nervous system because of its magnetizing effect. In this way, one becomes capable of making a correct evaluation of his actions: by perceiv- ing what he has done right or wrong in order that he may improve them.” (12:81)
“Human beings are like interconnected channels; therefore, whenever we work to improve ourseves, we also work to improve others. This Law has another ap- plication: Whatever one does in one’s worldly existence affects one’s inner life. For example, when we work to clean up a wellspring, or a path, or the countryside, this will produce a corresponding effect upon the state of our thoughts and emotions. In accordance with this Law, one is held culpable before humankind for all of one’s actions…
“Divine Science provides the means for building a strong and healthy body, for restructuring the human thoughts and emotions, and for stabilizing the nervous system. This can be applied to the individual as well as to entire nations. Study Divine Science and its methods so that you may apply these methods in your daily life.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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