1864 – 1887. Family, first years, education in Bulgaria


On the 29th of June, 1864 г. (11th July – new calendar) Petar Konstantinov Deunov was born on St. Peter’s day, in the village of “Hadarcha” (today “Nikolaevka”), Varna municipality. He is the third child in the family of the priest Konstantin A. Deunovski (1830 – 1918) and Dobra (1840- 1883), the daughter of Atanas Georgiev (1805 – 1865). Maria (1858 – 1940) and Atanas (1862 – 1912) are his elder siblings.


Preast K. Deunovski with his wife Dobra and children Maria and Atanas
Preast K. Deunovski


1871 – 1877 – Most likely this is the period, when Petar Deunov receives his primary education in his birthplace, the village of “Hadarcha”.


Family house in the village of Nikolaevka

1879 – 1884 – He studies in the Varna High School.

1885 – 1887 – Peter Deunov continues his education at the “Methodist Episcopal School of Theology and Science” – Svishtov.


The building of “Methodist Episcopal School of Theology and Science” in Svishtov, which was build in 1888, after the graduation of Peter Deunov

Summer, 1886 г. – He writes about his Spiritual conversion. The short text is included in an American Methodist magazine, in an article from the director of the school – John S. Ladd (1852 – 1912). The article (“Bulgarian Methodist priests”) is a report about the six young men, which were included on a picture at its beginning. Ladd explains, that the ones, sitting down on the first row are the freshly graduated (on the 7th of July 1886) four students from the first class of the Svishtov Methodist School and the other two (Hristo Bachvarov and Petar Deunov) will probably graduate next year (1887). The author gives short information about each one of the six students, including their personal reasons for which they decided to become priests. About Deunov he writes that after a long period of illness, a spiritual conversion occurred in him, which made him promise himself to follow Christ in anything.

The picture published with the article in the American Methodist’s magazine. Peter Deunov is on the second row on the lest.

The Personal explanation from Peter K. Deunov:

“I know of two reasons, which led to my spiritual conversion. The first reason was the reading of religious books, while the second one was an illness, which helped me to dedicate myself entirely to Christ.

While I was still young, I felt some power, working inside of me and it was leading me towards a goal, which back then I couldn’t understand. My father had several religious books, which he used to read for me. I felt really miserable, yet I didn’t follow the Truth. In 1880 my father sent me to the Varna High School. During the five years, which I spent there, I constantly felt this inner battle between Good and Evil. I often discussed the matters about Truth with the brothers, but my stone heart was not following Christ.

Back then I was in a really wretched condition, but Christ helped me. I was struck by an illness, which almost led to my death. When I felt so helpless and started thinking, that I will soon have to meet God, I decided to follow Christ and with tears in my eyes I asked for forgiveness of my sins. Shortly after, my health was restored. My will is to always belong to Christ and to preach about Him.”

24th of June, 1887 г. – Petur Deunov receives a testimonial for finishing the full five year course of the “Methodist Episcopal School of Theology and Science”, because his studies in Varna High School are acknowleged.


The testimonial signed by the director I. S. Ladd and the teachers Stefan Tomov, Yordan Ikonomov and Apostol S. Ruevski

Preacher and teacher in “Hotantza”

1887 – 1888 – His testimonial is approved by the leader of the “Methodist Mission in Rousse” – E. F. Lansberry. Petar Deunov  is now officially a Methodist preacher. The Mission sends him in the village of “Hotantza” (Rousse municipality), where he becomes a teacher in the Evangelist elementary school. He spent one year there – from 1887 to 1888. Petar Deunov is the first Evangelist teacher and preacher in “Hotantza”.




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