1922 – 1944 The spiritual school of Bialo Bratstvo

February 24th, 1922 the Master Peter Dunov establishes the spiritual school of Bialo Bratstvo. It was consisted of two groups called “classes”: Special Occult Class (For unmarried people) and General Occult Class (for married people). The first lecture for the Special Class was named “The Two Paths” and for the General Class it was called the “Three Lives”.

The school created by the Master encompasses theory alongside spiritual practices and methods for self-growth. They are combined with various exercises for the body, mind and the control of emotions. From this year on, the Master took his students to the mountains – Mt. Vitosha, and Mt. Musala. The congregations, public speeches and lectures for the two occult classes would last for 22 years, up until the Master’s death in December of 1944.

A walk in the mountain with the Master

Early Spring on March 22nd, 1922. At the field named “Sunrise” (because the Master was bringing his students there to meet the sunrise) for the first time was settled a white tent. Two years later, enthusiastic migrants of the new neighbourhood build the first, tiny shed.

In 1922, at the congregation in Veliko Turnovo held at Atanas Boynov’s summer house  a colorful pentagram was brought, drawn by the Check artist France Shlambora (1881-1955), it was drawn by the personal direction of the Master.

The big colorful Pentagram (180х140 sm.). Down, in the right coner of the painting is the astist’s signature – F. Shlambora and the date 19/VІІІ/1922

Study this painting often and meditate on the symbols in it. The 5 steps in it symbolize a path that is hard to walk on, because it is not a path for philosophising only but a path of a live action, of a constant creation. 

The Master

On August 21st, 1922 the Master sings it’s first occult song “Fir, fur, fen-tau bi aumen” in front of his students at the congregation and the attendants study the song.

1926 г. at the new land in “Baucher”was built a room for the Master. This was the foundation for the Bialo Bratstvo’s communion “Izgrev” (meaning Sunrise) In the years to follow, many students and followers purchase land close by and build wooden houses, surrounded by flower and vegetable gardens. For a short period of time, this place becomes the physical and spiritual center of the Bialo Bratstvo in Bulgaria. For the next 20 years, the Master Petar Dunov creates a cultural and communications model unique for the Bulgaria. Life at “Izgrev” resembles the life at early, Christian communities.

Вижте повече – Създаване на селището Изгрев

Some of the first settlers of Izgrev

Summer 1926 the Bialo Bratstvo congregation is held at the “Izgrev” for the first time. There are 1460 people there in attendance.

July 1927 the Brotherhood center at the “Izgrev” was opened. It was built under the direction and project of Rusi Nikolov. The Master holds his lectures and congregations at the hall till the end of his days on Earth.

The Master with his students after in front the Brotherhood centre a lecture.

August 1929, The Master leads a small group of his students at the 7 Rila Lakes. There, he gave two of his lectures for the Special and the General Classes.

1930, The annual Spiritual summer camp of the Brotherhood  at the 7 Rila Lakes began. The students are encouraged to establish a closer connection with nature, take use of it’s gifts as well as adapt to the harsh conditions of the elements. In addition, they are encouraged to work on the harmonious relationship between each other.

The Master speaks at Rila mountain
The Master and the camp near the Second Rila lake. A look from above.

На 21 септември 1930 г., неделя, след изгрева на Слънцето, Учителя  изнася в София  първата Утринна беседа „Абсолютната истина“.

September 21st, 1930, Sunday, the Master gave his first morning lecture in Sofia after Sunrise. It started a new cycle of lectures called “Morning lectures” that the Master gave every Sunday at 5 am until 1942

1932-1933 Paneurythmy was first conceived at the field of “Izgrev” by Sofia. In the years to follow, more and more students and followers gather and dance Paneurythmy. It is now danced in all 5 continents. The exercises in Paneurythmy are supposed to harmonize, regulate and transform the energy of each participating person.

More about the history of Paneuthythmy

May 4th, 1936, An activist of a political party “Democratic Declaration” attacks Petar Dunov, where he gets a concussion, causing internal bleeding and partial paralysis. However, on July 14th, the Master goes camping near the 7 Rila Lakes with a large group of his students. By August 12th, the Master has fully recovered from his injuries and the group leaves the camp. On August 19th, the Master opened the annual congregation with the lecture “To Give Them Life” in Izgrev, Sofia.

In 1939 The Master talks about the upcoming global problems and how the world will never be the same, implying the reality of the upcoming World War II. (on September 1, 1939 the German army entered Poland and this was the beginning of WWII)

1944 г. На 12 януари, след бомбардировката над София от 10 януари, заедно с група братя и сестри от София, Учителя отива да живее временно в с. Мърчаево, в полите на Витоша, на 24 километра от София. Прекарва там в къщата на Темелко Темелков до 18 октомври 1944 г. Посещават го много гости от страната. Животът в Мърчаево протича в срещи, разговори и екскурзии на Витоша. Голяма част от разговорите са записани от Боян Боев и издадени под заглавие „Изворът на доброто“ (Варна, 1992). Беседите от този период са отпечатани в т.1 на сборника „Завета на Любовта“. Есента продължава да изнася беседи в салона на Изгрева до 20 декември 1944 г.

January 12, 1944 after a bombing in Sofia, the Master moves to Marchaevo Village along with several students. The village is located near Vitosha Mountain, 24km from Sofia. There, the Master stays at Temelko Temelkov’s house until October 1944. He gets many visitors from all over the country. The stay at Marchaevo was filled with many hikes in the mountain, small gatherings and of course lectures and talks. Many of the talks are recorded by Boyan Boev and published in 1992 in the book “The Wellspring of Good” and the lectures are collected in the book “The Legacy of Love”. In the fall of 1944 up until December 20th, the Master goes back to “Izgrev” where he continued with his lectures.

At the end of December 1944, the Master speaks his last words “One small job was completed successfully.”

Early morning, December 27, 1944, the Master’s spirit leaves this world.

Мястото, където е погребан Учителя Петър Дънов, в днешно време е единствената частица останала от стария  „Изгрев”. Това свещено пространство – символ на чистота и душевна хармония – е една от най-големите светини на България. Градината на Учителя е обявена за паметник на културата.

The Master’s memorial and place of rest is now the only remaining particle of the old “Izgrev”. It is a sacred space and a symbol of purity and harmony. It is one of the big blessings of Bulgaria. The  Ministry of Culture proclaimed the Master’s garden to be a cultural monument.

The story about the Master’s Garden

The movie “A Good Place to Rest” is about the last days of the Master Petar Dunov and the story about the garden in the Sofia neighborhood of “Izgrev” where the body of the Master rests. It is now called “The Master’s Place” or “The Master’s Garden.” 



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