Watch the Paneurhythmy

26. Early in the Morning [Na ranina]

Rise! New strength is born

With the first rays of dawn.

Loving every living soul,

Sing and work to serve the Whole!

Glorifying God’s great name

We achieve our highest aim.

All who love the light are free,

For their way they clearly see.

(4 times)

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Koy na ranina stava da igray /2

po zelenata treva i na bistrata rosa, /2

toy shte bâde vechno mlad,

zdrav i hubav, i bogat;

shte se uchi nay-dobre,

nyama nivga da umre.

Rano ti stani, Slântseto posreshtni /2

i zapey sâs bodâr glas, poigray si ti zavchas. /2

Bodra gimnastika, raz, dva, tri.

Podvizhi se i se spri.

Smelo pak trâgni napred,

radvay se na Bozhiy svet.

(2 times)

“This exercise has three sequences: semi-circular movements of one foot in front of the other; swinging motions with alternating feet; and parallel movements of arms and feet.
“In the first sequence, the energies of the human body come into harmony. In the second sequence, we step once onto the heel and once onto the toes. The heel represents the physical world; the toes—the world of the mind. When we step onto our heels, we receive from the physical world; and when we step onto our toes, we receive from the mental world. In this way, we resolve the contradictions which exist in both worlds. All three positions open the way for the right use of Nature’s bounties.”
“This living energy only comes in the morning. For every task, there is a fixed appointed time. Those who desire to become great need to go out every morning and greet the Sun. They need to allow these powerful forces to work upon them.
Get up early! Go out! Greet the Sun! What wonderful things are hidden within the rising Sun! If one goes out regularly in the morning, one will receive inspiration… “Wherever you go, whatever work you begin, you need energy. If you let the world influence you, the mundane affairs of your life will pull you off course. When you arise in the morning, you need to have one essential thought—that you may open
like a flower.”
“The physical world has one quality: movement. The world of the soul has two qualities: movement and feeling. The mental world has movement, feeling, and thought. This is the simplest explanation…
“In the physical world, one gathers experiences assimilated later in the astral and mental worlds and extracts from them materials to build the body of Love.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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