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19. Agility [Podvizhnost]

Graceful, beautiful, and free,

Nature’s music follow we.

High above an angel sings;

Raising each hand a blessing brings.

Knowing only flowing motions soft as gold,

Lovingly we let a bud of beauty unfold.

Like a lively brook in flow,

Thus our hearts and minds will grow,

So we dance each day to be

Graceful, beautiful, and free.

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Vsyaka sutrin v ranen chas

Slântseto posreshtame.

Lâchi, vâzduh i rosa, radvat nashite sârtsa. /2

Vdâhnoveni misli v nas da potekat

i krasivi chuvstva da rastat.

Sladki zreli plodove da davat

i zhivota vred da ukrasyavat.

Greynali lâchi navred.

Bistro izvorche shurti.

Radost blika v tseliy svyat.

Ptichka veselo leti.

“This exercise begins with fluid movements of the arms and legs, first facing the center of the circle and then turning with your back to the center. This exercise is a continuation of the previous one. In this exercise—in contrast to the previous one—soft curved lines are at work. The feminine principle that processes the square is at work here. This is the magnetism.”
‘The feminine principle in Nature is a great and mighty thing. If you were to take the feminine principle out of life, death would come in an instant. The feminine principle entered into life from the moment of its Creation. Do not separate woman from life; in other words, Love from life…
“God does not always give; sometimes He takes. He gives in one respect, but takes in another. In the same way, the ocean sends moisture to the land, yet gets it back through the rivers. In this meaning, the masculine and the feminine are two principles at work: the masculine is creative and the feminine is receptive. Therefore, we should be aware of and true to these two principles in life. Only thus we can attain our heart’s and mind’s desires. Only God can fulfill your ideas and desires.”

Music and text are the same as Beauty.



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