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Collective prayer for the virus situation

Dear brothers and sisters from all over the world, we hope that you are well and healthy. Our gatherings are canceled because of the pandemia but we are praying for the situation with the virus to be resolved according God’s Will. If you want you can join us in our spiritual work as follows:

  1. Sunday 15.03.2020 at 6 o’clock CET (7 o’clock in Bulgaria) we will read the Orange rays of the “Testiment of the color rays of light” by the Master Peter Deunov.
  2. All Sunday, 15th of March from 6 o’clock CET (7 o’clock in Bulgaria)  until 6 o’clock CET (7 o’clock in Bulgaria) on 16th of March we will do 1 minute prayer at every hour. The prayer will enclute – secret (personal) prayer and the Gratitude Prayer by the Master Peter Deunov

Gratitude Prayer 

Thank You Our Father, for the Great Love, with which You have embraced us.
Thank You for the life, that You gave us.
Thank You for the mind, that You have placed within us.
Thank You for the Virtuosity, that You have placed as a foundation of our life.
Thank You for the Righteousness, with which You have surrounded us.
Thank You for the Love, with which You have filled us.
Thank You for Your Great Wisdom and we praise You for Your Truth, that illuminates us.
We rejoice the life, that You gave us and fulfill Your Will.
Now, because of the Spirit that You have given us for guidance, be blessed
to us now and forever.


3. We will do a chain fast with prayer. Each Bulgarian group (starting from east to west) will fast for 24 hours one of the days from 15.03 – 21.03.2020. If you want you can join us at the last day – 21st of March. The prayers that we will these days are at 5 o’clock CET ( 6 o’clock Bulgarian time) and again at 20 o’clock CET (21 o’clock Bulgarian time):

  • Psalm 91 – song and the rest of the text
  • Prayer of the Forces


God of all Forces, scatter all evil thoughts of … (names of our enemies) and all their collaboration and all other dark forces, that want to stop Your holly work on Earth. Break their intyrigues! 

Let it be as You have said: “Mine is the revenge and the vengeance”.

Let glory be to Your Name on Earth, oh Lord and let all the people to know You, that You are the One, the True Gor, Savior of the World – Christ. Bless us all that know You and serve You with Spirit and Truth.

Your guarding hand, our Father, to be upon all of us that live in Your Name.

May Yоur will be fullfilled on Earth and Your Кingdom to reignite on Earth now and forever.


  • Prayer of the Holly Spirit


Lord, our God, my soul relies upon You.
Hear my prayer and lend ear to my supplication.
Uplift my spirit and give comfort to my heart.
Show me the Light of Your Face.

Lord, for the sake of Your Mercy uplift me
With the Presence of Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, let Your Kingdom come;
Let Your Righteousness rise up;
Let Your Truth illuminate and Your Love be
And You, Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the living God,
Come to dwell within my soul.

And let glory be to the Lord God, the Father,
Made Manifest in the Spirit of His Word
throughout the ages.


  • Formula: My heart is warm, my soul is fresh, my mind is clear, my spirit is strong, because I live the law of Love in which there is no treason
  • The formula from the pentagram: In the fulfillment of the Will of God lies the Power of the Human soul. (to be said 3 times)

Bе without fear and without darkness. Be with Love and Light!



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