The word “God”, which in modern times has lost its meaning, we understand as the Reasonable beginning that created the world, that gave conditions for life to emerge, that leads all of mankind and controls the whole universal being. This Great Mind penetrates in all life matters and works both outside and inside. It penetrates into humans as well. What is light for the physical world, the same is the Great Mind for the entire Cosmos, for the entire being. Both the blind and the one, whose eyes are open move inside this light, but the blind cannot see it, while he believes it exist. The one, whose eyes are open sees it as well, he lives consciously in it. Whoever has his eyes opened, he sees the changes which occur in nature, but he should not be fooled by them. He must be aware that in these changes the final and endless purpose of the Great Mind is manifested. In these changes one can observe the might and beauty of Wholeness. When the final purpose is reached, then all things in life are justified. Then, the non-understood matters become understood, the sorrows become joy. The final purpose – that is perfection in life. Perfection on the other hand is a matter of distant future, eternal ideal, towards which the human soul is directed.

The New day, Lecture by the Teacher, held on the 17th of January, 1940, Wednesday, 05:00, Sofia- Izgrev

Who is the true God? – The true God is Him, Who can light the fire in human hearts, so people can finally live in a brotherhood.

The meaning of “God” is the supreme, intelligent beginning in a person, which distinguishes him from other living creatures.

The word “God” I understand as the living love, the living wisdom, the living truth, which set people free.

Jesus is coming, Lecture by the Teacher, held on the 5th of October, 1930, Sofia – Izgrev

You will imagine God as an intelligent being, which controls all things without any mistake and while having this thought, you will let it grow in your mind, balancing your brain. Think that God is Love, that there is no anger in Him, no revenge, no lack of satisfaction. Then you will put some positive qualities in your brain.

The purpose of music, Lecture by the Teacher, held on the 20th of April, 1922, Sofia – Izgrev

When the weak and human comes under the control of the Divine, it improves and strengthens up. Only God in us has the power to free us from our weaknesses. And only we are able to use the Divine power for good. Everyone wants to use the Divine power and can use it, but there should be only one opinion about the Lord – everything, which He does, is good.

The key to life, Lecture by the Teacher, held on the 22th of August, 1928, Sofia – Izgrev

God is an essence, which needs no proving. He is out of any proofs. God is a being outside time and space, outside mind, outside consciousness, outside life, outside any intelligence of people, etc. God is outside of time and space, but at the same time contains time and space within himself. He is outside of life, but contains life in himself. He is outside of consciousness, but contains it within himself. He is outside of intelligence, but contains it within himself. How would you understand this? It means that God, the Unlimited cannot be proved. That is why each thing, which cannot be proven in the physical world, leads to doubts in human’s minds. In fact real are only those matters, which cannot be proved. All matters which may be proved are only shadows of reality. When I say, that some things may not be proven, it doesn’t mean that one cannot contemplate on them. You may think about them as much as you can, but you cannot prove them in time and space.

Contradictions in life, Lecture by the Teacher, held infront of MOK on the 24th of May, 1922, Wednesday, 17:00, Vitosha

Whatever you do and whatever God does, it is all good. In the first place, I put God. He says: I am the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega. When he is near completion, God checks things. He is the wisest. If you have any mistake, any bad trait, God will remind you and tell you: I will fix this work.

Inner freedom, Morning Lecture by the Teacher, held on the 28th of September, 1930, Sofia – Izgrev

God manifests in that, which a person knows, which a person is able to do and which a person can manifest into as well. We understand the word “God” in a completely different manner, not how it is usually understood. God is the essence of things. I say: if you are aware of this, then you will understand the words, which Christ said in the verse: “Seek the Kingdom of God first and His Righteousness and everything else will be given to you.” The Divine Kingdom is the entire universe, everything, which God has created. That is what one should seek. In other words: a man should seek Love, Wisdom, Truth, which bring life, knowledge and freedom. When one studies the universe in all its forms, then he will set himself free of all the mistakes in life.

The weak and the powerful, Lecture by the Teacher, held on the 19th of July, 1932, 05:00

I will take only these two words from the 24th verse – “God is a Spirit.” Only things, which are fully understood, may bring benefit. The word God in Bulgarian, French, English and any other language is a word, which is not understood and people must examine it for long periods in order to comprehend it. It is not a simple concept. The Spirit is God, then this is the reality. That is real in the world. What is real? God is Spirit. That is real. No matter how much you deny that, you feel there is something, which is restraining you. You feel it in yourself, you cannot fight it, deny it, doubt it, philosophise about it, but you feel that there is something, which restrains you and without which you cannot be. I can give you only one comparison – one may deny air, one may say: “There is no air, I can do without it”. Whoever stops receiving the air, he will feel a huge weight immediately. So in a physical aspect, as long as we breathe, we live. Whenever we stop breathing, life ceases to exist. The idea about God is similar. Whenever one stops thinking about Him, he dies.

Thus I said now, that in the current century we say that God is our father. He is the father, who manifests inside of us. Where does that happen? In our soul, it manifests in our mind through light, in our heart trough warmth and in our will, through its power. But the only place, where we can understand God and find Him, that is our Spirit. If the mind has light, then we can recognise him. We must recognise God in our own soul.

Reality in life, Lecture by the Teacher, held on the 16th of July, 1939 – Rila Mountains

Some say they don’t believe that God exists. Thus, they believe in His non-existence, they believe in denying something. What sort of faith is that?
What philosophy is there in denying God or his existence?
To deny God, that means to deny the Great one or the Pacific Ocean on Earth.
Can you deny it? You cannot. On which place of Earth would you put it?
Therefore, God is in a dimension where no one may move Him or deny Him.
We live in Him, we are soaked into Him and whatever we do, we cannot get out of the spheres of His influence.
It is funny to hear someone philosophizing on what God is.
That is similar to letting a small child talk about what its mother is and what her love is. Can the child see the love of its mother? It cannot, it only sees its results.

Bring him here, Sunday Lecture by the Teacher, held on the 27th of April, 1930 – Sofia

Many had asked me where God is.

I don’t seek him anywhere. I’ve never sought God so far. I don’t seek him. To seek him, I must have gotten out of him – then I will. Where will I look for him?

He says “Seek God.” I say “When did you lose him?” You lost him, you got out of God’s influence. It is only confusion inside of us. So far, the Devil keeps thinking he is outside of God and God keeps crumbling him. He looks for God outside himself. If he looks for God outside himself, then he will do a crime.

The only thing, which is not outside of yourself – that is God. He is inside your soul. Your soul is inside God and God is in your soul. Not the body, it is only a result, but the soul came out of God. If you have a soul, which came out of God, then God is in your soul and the soul is in God. If you do not believe this, then what do you believe in?

You keep thinking how to find God somewhere in the skies. There you will find the sun, the planets, comets, but not God. You may find angels as well, you may find anything, but you will not find God in the skies. That is a wrong approach towards life…

Meeting love, Sunday Lecture by the Teacher, held on the 8th June, 1941 – Sofia



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