Basic principles of the Teaching


Love gives birth to the good.

The good is the foundation of life. The good is the soil of life and at the same time its nourishment. Only the good can sustain life, only the good can nourish it.

When God limits Himself, the good is born in the world.

When man is confined, evil is born. And when he is freed from confinement, good appears. In other words, when the desire to serve God originates within the human soul, then the conditions for the good are created.

Men wish to create good within themselves, but good is not created, it is born. It is implanted from the beginning in every man and he has only to become aware of it and reveal it.

Man must be good because good is the foundation of life. Without good the life of man has no foundation.

If man does not do good, evil is born. The evil that is now in the world is the unutilized good of the past.

Evil results from an unstable order. It is a world of arbitrary rule.

In the world of nature, it might be defined as reproduction without law.

Evil is, however, inevitable in the relations between forces and beings. Evil and good in Living Nature are forces which it utilizes equally.

Behind the good and the evil is the Great Intelligence which utilizes everything.

Man must not fight evil. He must escape it. He must not fight evil but must rather set good against it.

The man who fights evil most, errs most.

The only being who can harness evil into work is God.

You must know that there exists a collective consciousness of good and a collective consciousness of evil. They form the two great poles of Creation.

Human life moves between those two great poles.

When evil is within, predominating over good, and the good is without, then evil reigns on earth. In other words, “hell” reigns on earth.

But when good is within, triumphant, and evil is without, then “heaven” governs and good reigns in the world.

“Hell” is a place where evil is both inside and outside.

“Heaven” is a place where good is inside and outside.

And human life is “a place” where sometimes good is within and evil without, and sometimes the reverse.

Each man, according to the life he leads, is either at the pole of good or the pole of evil.

The man in whom evil is master lives in constant turmoil. Outwardly, he may have great wealth, he may be honored by men, but within himself he is not at peace. He is unceasingly troubled by evil misgivings and fears. Gradually he loses his health and his strength.

But when goodness is in the heart of a man, he may have neither riches nor power, but he is at peace and full of joy. His outward conditions are bad but his inner conditions are good. Such a man has something powerful within him and because of it he is loved by all.

The good people are the truly strong people in the world.

People think that evil is powerful in the world. Evil is powerful only because people love it. The love given to evil gives it strength. Evil obtains strength from love.

In spite of this, however, the striving for good can never cease.

The process of good is eternal.

It is the creative process of life. Therefore, the good might be called the path to life. It leads us to life.

Evil is the path to death. It is condemned to barrenness.

In order to distinguish between good and evil, remember the following:

Good and evil are the high and the love in the world. Evil is the weakest possible vibration of good. Therefore, good is the price of rationality, and evil is the price of irrationality.

Good increases the value of human consciousness. Evil lowers it.

Through good, endowments are strengthened; through evil they are weakened and dimmed.

Good begins with small insignificant things. But they constantly grow, increase, and multiply, and then organize and unite into one whole. In evil there is always disintegration, disconnection.

The good might be compared to a spring that constantly flows. Evil on the other hand is like a dried-up spring that hardly trickles.

Evil promises much and gives nothing. Good promises nothing but gives much. Is it necessary for the spring to promise that it will flow? It simply flows.

So it is with a good man. In him, good is like a spring. He remains good under all conditions. It is delusion to think that conditions might change him. Good permeates his whole being, it is the foundation of his structure.

The good man differs fundamentally in construction from the evil one. The nervous system of a good man is more intricate and more finely constructed. His brain has more cells and more folds; it is differently constructed. His circulatory system, also, forms a richer and thicker network. The skin of the good man has more cells, and it is finer than the skin of the evil man.

The good man generally has a more perfect constitution. He is a highly advanced being. That is why every person who lags behind in his development becomes evil.

In such a case we say that evil is good which is not utilized. Evil cannot be uprooted from the world. And when Christ says not to touch the weeds until the time of harvest – “the end of the world” – he means that in the future a new era will begin and all that is now evil in the world will pass into another phase of development.

When we speak of good, of a good deed, we always relate it to a healthy man. The sick man can do no good. It is evident that we do not imply here the ordinary “good” as people understand it.

The real good, from the point of view of divine science, is distinguished by three qualities: it brings life, light and freedom.

If it does not have these three qualities, it is not good.

Life comes through Love, light comes through Wisdom, and freedom comes through Truth. If anyone wishes to do good, he must be in connection with these three divine worlds.

If a deed of ours is to be really good, it must be alive, it must walk after us. Good must accompany us. If good cannot follow after us, it is not good.

My good deeds must follow after me. And in order that they do, they midst bring life, light and freedom for me as well as for those for whom they are being done. Because the divine law is a collective law, it applies at the same time to all. When you do good for someone, this good applies to all the world. It makes no difference to the divine world whether people know this or not. It is true, nevertheless, that all will profit from this good. Therefore, I say: to do good is a sacred act because in this way you cause God to manifest Himself through you in His Goodness, in His Love, in His Wisdom.

There is no greater act than this – to do good.

However minute this good might be, it is a noble act that all in heaven praise because God is hidden within goodness.

Nature is very careful even with the smallest gain. When a man does a good deed in the world, when he performs an intelligent act, there is great rejoicing in the invisible world.

And when Christ advises men to store up treasures in heaven, he refers to the good. The treasure is the good that man has done on earth.

To do good means to call upon God to act through you. And when God acts, He does so not only for one person, but for all. That is why when good is being done, all heavenly beings participate.

Thus, every act in which heaven does not participate is human, and every act in which heaven participates is divine.

Good must be done at the proper time. It does not take much time to do good, but it is necessary that your mind, your heart, your will, your soul and your spirit be fully concentrated, during those moments, upon the good you do.

There must be no delay in doing good. When you wish to do good, you must do it at once, without postponement. If you postpone it, the opportunity is lost.

Do not think, however, that you must do good only when you are well disposed. Good may be done even when you are in the worst of dispositions. Indisposition is something that concerns the flesh. It does not concern the spirit of man.

People think that good is something that is dead. This is not true. Within the sacred idea which has stimulated you to do good, acts a higher, secret spirit who will illuminate this deed and will reveal that the life of the man who serves God is always fulfilled.

The good is the first link in life.

The good is the first bond between people. It is the only material bond that truly unites people. Moreover, good is the first real bond between the souls of all people, on earth or in heaven.

You can acquire no knowledge without goodness. Knowledge begins with acquaintance with good.

A good deed is never forgotten. It is recorded in the Divine book because it is an act of love and as such it will be remembered in the Divine world for all time.

Everyone who does good becomes an ideal for others.

Do not think that when you do good, this will deprive you of something. On the contrary, good will elevate you.

Therefore, never shrink from difficulties when you ought to do good. Be brave, be decisive, do the good and let that good bring life, light and freedom to your fellow men.

All of you can do good, because there is good in the hearts of all of you.

Every good you do is a bond that gradually increases in strength.

You must continually form such bonds – not just once.

However, do not forget that man must remain anonymous in doing good as he tries to remain anonymous in doing evil.

Do not hasten to become good. Good is an indispensable condition for the perfection of man, but man does not become good in one day. If he aspires towards perfection, however, good will help him.

To be perfect, you must be strong in the good.

The only thing that distinguishes a man is the good that lives within him.

Good is a way to find Divine Love.

Excerpts from the book “The Master Speaks”, Publishing House “Byalo Bratstvo”, 1997




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