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21. Joy of the Earth [Radostta na Zemyata]

Build a new home where Joy can live,

Build it of music angels give

Build it of Purity, build it of Light.

Make it a palace large and white.

Let its windows open wide

Welcome in the morning light:

Joy will come, that lovely queen;

Readily she will enter in.

Now with music work begin.

Build with gladness,

Build in the springtime morning;

As in Heaven,

Sunlight your home adorning,

Through every window pouring.

Slowly rising,

Heaven’s hand in your labor,

Ready to share with your neighbor,

This home of Joy Divine,

Beautif’ly flooded with sunshine,

Shall be forever thine.

a new home where

Joy can live, it of music angels give,

it of Purity, build it of Light,

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Likuva tsyalata Zemya

i se radva ot sârtse,

i ticha tya po svoya pât kato devitsa vâzlyublena.

Tya zhaduva Slântseto

i kâm nego se stremi.

To ya milva otdalech

i tseluva ya s lâchi.

Tya se radva i mu pey:

“O, Slântse na zhivota moy!

Letya, letya kâm tebe neprestanno i pâlna s radost.

Reki tekat,

izvori blikat chisti,

vârhove belosnezhni

vâv rozovi siyaniya

oblivash izobilno

s miluvki nezhni.”

“This exercise begins with swinging movements, first facing the center and then with backs turned to the center. This is the reward for all that we have attained. It is the making use of, and processing all that we have received, and the joy of its fruit. These movements are arc-like, magnetic. Throughout the exercise, both arms move together, parallel to one another. This represents the unity that should exist in our inner life.”
“The Law states: When you rejoice that a person has realized his aspirations, you will realize your own as well. Should you desire to realize your aspirations, you need to understand the Plan that God has already set in motion. When you walk on the Divine path, you will attain all your aspirations…
“When you enter into the all-embracing Love and find yourself in Nature, you will listen to the singing of the birds, the humming of the insects, and the flying of the butterflies. And you will rejoice. You will then look at the flowers in bloom, the trees that bear fruit, the Sun that shines, and again you will rejoice. And lastly, when you go among people and listen to how they speak, you will again rejoice.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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