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Newspaper “Brotherhood life”

The idea for publishing a White Brotherhood newspaper was born amongst a group of young men. They shared that idea with the Teacher and after his approval in the autumn of 1928, the first issue of “Brotherhood” newspaper was published. The printing house was in Sevlievo, owned by Sava Kalimenov and Atanas Nikolov. The two of them and Doctor Stefan Kadiev continued to publish it until 1944, when it was forbidden by the new regime in Bulgaria.

The “Veterinary library” and “New culture” series in Esperanto were printed in Atanas Nikolov publishing house as well. Some of the materials, found in “Brotherhood” newspaper had Esperanto (an international language, created by L. Zamenhof) editions too. Those were included by the newspaper “Frateco”, which was distributed not only in Bulgaria, but in other countries as well. This way, the words of the Teacher reach more people around the world. The translations were made by Atanas Nikolov, Petar Pamporov, Sava Kalimenov and others. Gradually with time, the translated lectures of the Teacher formed ten little books, which were used by Esperanto speakers in Bulgaria and around the whole world. The process itself was accompanied by many obstacles, due to the fact that specific letter-prints had to be purchased and people had to be trained in using them. The newspaper “Frateco” was free and financed by volunteers only. The publishing efforts for it, as well as those for the “Brotherhood” newspaper were all voluntary, with the paper and post-office expenses being the only part, for which its readers paid a symbolic price. It was published each week and the editors were Atanas Nikolov and Sava Kalimenov. On the second page of the newspaper, a lecture by the Teacher was printed, which was summarized by Vlad Pashov – something, which was first approved by the Teacher. Interesting articles regarding occultism, pedagogics, art, music and philosophy were including in its pages. It also contained information about vegetarians, healthy lifestyle, the purpose of the Slavs for the future of mankind, nature and its effects on humans, Bible discussions and much more. Poetry, travel and fable stories were often printed on its pages as well. The materials offered not only diversity to the reader, but a high-level of esthetic and language culture as well, which was due to the deep understanding of the mentioned topics.

The authors, which wrote for the newspaper mostly were: Sava Kalimenov (publisher, writer); Atanas Nikolov (Publisher, author of Bulgarian-Esperanto dictionary); Philip Stoicev (dentist); Stefan Toshev (lawyer, leader of the Brotherhood group in Sevlievo, author of the book “All-time truths”); Lubomir Lulchev (aviator, writer, adviser of King Boris III); Ivan Antonov (astrologist); Vlad Pashov (astrologist, writer); Stoyan Rusev (writer); Georgi Tomalevski (writer), Vesela Nestorova (musician); Georgi Sabev (writer); Georgi Tahchiev (teacher, founder of the Brotherhood kindergarten in Muglish); Penyo Ganev (teacher) and more. Articles, translated from foreign authors were included as well. Some of the materials were signed by people, using alias. Information, regarding events from all over the world was sometimes published too. The structure of the newspaper was based on articles and literature works from various genres. Short texts, regarding new books or events and letters to the editors were included as well. It was published each week on four pages, for seventeen years, up until 1944.

45 years later, in December 1989, the granddaughter of Sava Kalimenov – Elena Nikolova (the first editor of “White Brotherhood” printing house) started republishing the “Brotherhood” newspaper. That happened first in March 1990 in Sofia. The introduction article of that issue was from Sava Kalimenov, named “My Father works, so do I.” He expresses his immense joy, that the long-awaited day had finally came, when “we can gather freely and decide what to do from now on”.

In 1994 the name of the newspaper is changed from “Brotherhood” to “Brotherhood life”, but shortly after its printing is suspended.

Eleven years later, in May 2005, the newspaper “resurrects” again, this time in Gabrovo, for the celebration of the Slavic alphabet, thanks to Ivelina Elmazova. It contains eight pages, four of which are colored. The editors changed several times during the years, but the newspaper still tells the same stories, about the life in the Brotherhood. It represents ideas, thoughts and art works inspired by the Teacher, the same way it did 88 years ago. Even though the technologies and social media keep developing with great haste, the newspaper remains the living history of the Brotherhood. It is worth to mention that it is published in Sevlievo again, where it all started long ago.



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