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Permanent program of the Summer spiritual school

The Summer Spiritual School “Rila” starts on the 1st of August and ends on the 22-23th of August, anually. Each day begins with  meeting the sunrise on the peak of Prayer, after which on the same place we make a prayer together and read a lecture of the Master. Breakfast time follows and then the group moves to the location, designated for Paneurhythmy. Usually it is on some of the meadows near the lakes. After the Paneurhythmy, one has free time for walking and hiking and at 13:00 at the kitchen of the camp there is a warm lunch, prepared by the current duty group. The time between 15:30 and 19:00 is usually for lectures and concerts, which are announced on place. At 20:00 the night prayer begins, which happens at the location of the “Tent of the Master”.


*From the 14th to the 16th of August a watch is performed on the peak of prayer, which includes both day and night hours.

*The 17th of August is the day, when the cleaning and purification of the lakes takes place.

*During the Summer spiritual school, we celebrate the beginning of the Divine new year on the 19th of August. At that day, after the Paneurhythmy is finished, there is a lunch, at which all members may share their food between each other.

*The three days from 19th to 21th of August are considered Holy and the Paneurhythmy is performed near the fifth lake “Babreka” (The Kidney).



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