Duty groups regulations RECOMMENDED Summer Spiritual School - Rila

Responsibilities of the duty groups

  • Carrying out 24-hour duties, from 16 00 until 16 00. Providing warm water to the camp, distribute it at mornings, after the performance of all spiritual actions. Providing of warm food after 13:00.
  • Fulfilling the water needs of the kitchen and leaving all water containers full at the end of their watch.
  • Supporting the hygiene in the kitchen and around it. All people, who are currently on duty in the kitchen must wear aprons and keep their hair clothed.
  • Packing all garbage from the kitchen and transporting it on a daily basis with horses to the given landfill.
  • Controlling various matters in the camp.
  • Meeting the tourists and aiding them in their needs.
  • Sanitizing the toilets at 10:00 and 15:00.
  • Organizing and performing spiritual tasks, as well as other events.
  • Meeting the newly-arriving brothers and sisters and helping them set up in the camp.


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