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RILA 2020

The Rila Summer Spiritual School is organized by the WHITE BROTHERHOOD SOCIETY – BULGARIA in the area of ​​the Seven Lakes on the territory of Rila National Park. The school is intended for members of the WHITE BROTHERHOOD SOCIETY and serves their needs for spiritual improvement. These regulations were created by the commission for the Summer Spiritual School of Rila and were approved by the Board of Directors of the WHITE BROTHERHOOD SOCIETY.

I. Keeping the camp tidy and clean.

1. Waste is collected, divided by types – food, glass, metal, plastic and paper. Everyone personally collects their own waste and transports it back to the designated places.

2. No laundry should be transported in the area of ​​the camp and the lakes. If this must be taken care of, that should take place at The “Rila Lakes” hut.

3. It is advisable for everyone to pack in their luggage a whisk and a shovel, so as to make sure the the tents are kept clean both on the inside and the outside.

4. Before leaving the camp, everyone is obliged to leave the place where his/her tent was pitched, is in its best possible state, as well as the area around it.

5. The presence of pets in the camp, at the Prayer Peak and at Paneurhythmy is forbidden.

6. Due to safety measures, we recommend using the traditional fraternal salute with a show of hands after Paneurhythmy in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

7. When setting up the tents, no hoeing, leveling, extraction of turf is done.

8. Lighting а fire is strictly forbidden. There is a permission only for our common stone building with a fireplace, during the day. As a rule, only the kitchen attendants have access to the fireplace.

9. Everyone should take part in carrying water for the kitchen on a daily basis, outside of kitchen shifts. It is a blessing because it is a work in common.

10. The use of any meat, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs is forbidden in the camp.

11. After 10 p.m. (in the evening) and until until 6 a.m. (in the morning) the quiet in the camp must be kept. This time is intended for restful sleep.

II. Clothing.

1. In the camp and during the Paneurhythmy dance, students need to be well dressed. It’s advisable to wear warm and suitable clothing for mountain conditions.

2. It is not desirable to walk in beachwear in the area of ​​the camp and especially during Paneurhythmy. It is not in the tradition of the Brotherhood to wear very short shorts, for the sisters to wear transparent skirts and blouses, large necklines, and for the brothers to walk naked to the waist or in a tank top.

3. Paneurhythmy should be played by beautifully dressed people, because it is a sacrament and a manifestation of higher spiritual and cosmic forces.

III. Registration of camp participants.

1. According to the requirements of the bodies of the Ministry of Interior and the Directorate of Rila National Park, a Registration Book of the residing brothers and sisters, is to be kept in the camp and the numbers of their tents are given.

2. If guests arrive at the camp and wish to stay, this can only be done with the permission of the commandant and the guardianship of the group leaders.

3. It is necessary to be vigilant for the manifestations of outsiders. Group leaders must leave one guard when the group is away from camp.

IV. Nutrition.

1. Each participant is responsible for his own food for the Rila Spiritual Summer School 2020 (food and bread).

2. The kitchen duty groups provide only hot water in the morning after the prayer service.

3. Each participant in The Summer Spiritual School must bring their own personal utensils – a container for water and food and a fork / spoon, in the kitchen there are no common ones.

4. Every duty officer must stay in the kitchen with a mask and gloves.

V. Organizing life in the Spiritual Mountain School.

1. The management of the camp is made up of persons authorized by the Management Board.

2. At the opening of the camp on August 1, a General Assembly is organized, at which the responsibilities and obligations for the work of the School are distributed.

3. Following the long traditions of the Mountain School, after the opening of the camp the so-called “Four Councils” for organizing fraternal life according to methods and instructions given to us by Master.

3.1. Council of manual labor.

Organizes the following groups:

a) Group on cleanliness, environmental protection and improvement of the camp area;

b) Camp security group;

c) Group for general excursions.

3.2. Advice on the spiritual life.

Organizes the following groups and commissions:

a) Music and Arts Group;

b) Paneurhythmy group, gymnastic and occult exercises;

c) Commission on Sacraments – prayers, orders, rituals, vigils;

d) Commission for work with children.

3.3. Education Council.

Responsible for the group for giving lectures on scientific, occult, health, music, environmental and other topics.

3.4. Council of Conciliators.

a) Group for consideration and conciliation of disputes and contradictions in the relationship dynamics;

b) Contact commission for work with camp guests.

Note. The members of the groups and the commissions may have continuity and interchangeability. It is desirable that each participant in the Summer Spiritual Mountain School be involved in the activities of the camp and on duty, thus contributing to the common work.

VI. Duties of the duty teams:

1. Carry out a 24-hour duty, interceding at 18h, followed by a handover from the previous working group.

2. Organize and conduct the spiritual orders for the day.

3. All those on duty in the kitchen should be wearing aprons and towels, as well as protective face masks and gloves.

4. Provide hot water, which is distributed after the end of the spiritual order until 9 o’clock.

6. Fill the kitchen with water, leaving all the dishes full at the end of the duty.

7. Maintain order and hygiene in the kitchen and the area around the kitchen.

8. Pack all the waste from the kitchen and dump it to the designated place for garbage to the hut, paying for their transportation by horses.

9. Provide supervision of the camp.

10. Hygiene the toilets at 10h and 15h o’clock. Only the toilets of the Seven Rila Lakes hut are to be used.

11. The water distributed by the duty groups is poured only in personal containers. They can be used exceptionally by disposable containers on duty.

Note: The duties of the on-duty teams and the work of the councils are somewhat duplicated, which requires cooperation in carrying out the assigned tasks.

The summer spiritual mountain school of Rila is organized from August 1st o to August 23rd. From August 24th to August 25th , the working group is working to close the camp.

Basic rules from the Master about the mountain and in particular about the Seven Rila Lakes can be found in the book of the White Brotherhood Publishing House – “Conversations at the Seven Rila Lakes”.

God’s Love, God’s Wisdom, God’s Truth, God’s Virtue and God’s Justice to stay with us on Rila!

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