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Rules of the Summer spiritual school

Rules of the Summer spiritual school:

The summer spiritual school on Rila is organized by the White Brotherhood Society – Bulgaria at the area of the Seven lakes, which lays in the territory of the National park “Rila”. The school is designed for members of the White Brotherhood Society and fulfills their needs for spiritual awakening. The current rules are created by the commission for the Summer spiritual school in Rila and is approved by the Brotherhood counsil of the White Brotherhood Society.

  1. Maintenance instructions in the camp.
    1. Waste is gathered, separated by type – food, glass, metal, plastics and paper. This responsibility is personal, as well as the transportation of the materials to the designated areas.
    2. No laundering of clothes is allowed in the area of the camp or the lakes. If that is required, it should happen at the “Rila lakes” hut.
    3. It is recommended for everyone to bring a small broom and shovel for keeping tidiness around the tents.
    4. Before departure, each member must leave the place around his tent in perfect condition.
    5. No pets are allowed in the camp, at the peak of Prayer or during Paneurhythmy.
    6. While settings the tents, no actions such as hilling or removal of turf is allowed.
    7. Campfires are not allowed as well. One may use the common stone fireplace during days. Usually, it is for those, who are performing duties at the kitchen.
    8. Everyone should get involved in the carrying of water for the kitchen on a daily basis. This must be considered as a blessing, as it is an action, performed for the good of all.
    9. Meat, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs usage is forbidden in the area of the camp.
    10. At nights, after 22:00 and at mornings, until 06:00, one must take a rest and keep quiet, so others can do so as well.
  1. Clothing
    1. In the camp and during Paneurhythmy, the student must be well clothed. Warm and mountains clothes are suggested.
    2. It is not recommended wearing beach clothes at the region of the camp and during Paneurhythmy. It is not in the traditions of the Brotherhood for people to wear really short pants or sisters to wear short skirts or shirts exposing their necklines too much. It is not recommended for brothers to wear no shirts as well.
    3. Paneurhytmy should be performed by neatly dressed people, as it represents sacred matters and spiritual and cosmic powers.


  1. Registration for participation in the camp
    1. According to the requirements of the Bulgarian Ministry and the Board of the national park “Rila”, a registration book is held with the names of all brothers and sisters, currently at the camp.
    2. If travelers arrive at the camp and wish to stay, this may happen only after the approval of the person in charge.
    3. One should remain cautious about the works of outside members. The people in charge of groups should leave a guard for the times when the group is not at the camp.
  1. Food
    1. A free lunch table is organized each day. At mornings, warm water is given, while at lunch time – warm food.
    2. The kitchen duties are performed by volunteer actions and watches.
    3. The current group in the kitchen provides the food products.
    4. Products, offered by outside members or tourists should not be included in the Brotherhood kitchen.
    5. The expenses for the camp are fulfilled by voluntary donations, which are gathered and kept in a brotherhood cashbox. The cashbox is opened daily at the end of the day, after the night prayers. This is performed by a chosen group of three people. A protocol is then created, while the gathered funds are reported at the general assembly of the Brotherhood.
    6. Each member should carry enough food products to fulfill his needs for the first two-three days of his arrival.
    7. The bread in the camp is free. Please, respect it.
    8. Each member of the Summer spiritual school should carry his personal cutlery, as the kitchen does not provide such.
  1. Organizing the life in the Spiritual mountain school.
    1. The camp leaders are people, approved by the management Board.
    2. On the 1st of August, a general meeting is assembled on which the duties and responsibilities of each member are given.
    3. Followings the traditions of the mountains school, after setting up the camp, four boards (counsels) are created, which help in organizing the brotherhood life, according to methods, given by the Teacher.
  • The board (counsel) for physical activities looks after:
  • The group for purification, cleaning activities and general nature and camp tidiness.
  • The group for bread, wood, gas and food deliveries
  • The group for camp security
  • The group for tourist trips.
  • The board for spiritual activities looks after:
  • The group for musical and art activities
  • The group for Paneurhythmy, gymnastic and occult exercises.
  • The group for sacred works – prayers, rituals, watches.
  • The group for working with children.
  • The board for enlightenment activities looks after:
  • The group for spiritual and scientific lectures, matters regarding health, music or ecological aspects and more.
  • The board of Peacekeepers looks after:
  • The group for discussion and solving of internal camp or people’s issues and relations.
  • The contact group for working with camp guests.

*** The members of the Boards and Groups should be expandable. It is recommended for each participant in the Summer spiritual school to be involved in camp activities, providing his services for the common good.

  1. Responsibilities for the groups on duty.
    1. Carry out 24 hour duty from 16 00 until 16 00. Provide warm water to the camp, which is given at mornings, after the performance of all spiritual actions. Provide warm food after 13:00.
    2. Fulfill the water needs of the kitchen and leave all water containers full at the end of their watch.
    3. Support the hygiene in the kitchen and around it. All people, who are on duty in the kitchen must wear aprons and keep their hair clothed.
    4. Pack all garbage and waste materials from the kitchen and transport them on a daily basis with horses to the landfill.
    5. Control various matters in the camp.
    6. Meet the tourists and aid them in their needs.
    7. Sanitize the toilets at 10:00 and 15:00.
    8. Organize and perform spiritual tasks as well as other events.
    9. Meet the arriving brothers and sisters and help them set up in the camp.

The summer spiritual school on Rila is an annual event, which takes place between the 1st and the 22th of August. From the 23th, until the 25th, a group helps for closing the camp.

The main aspects and teachings by the Teacher and more specifically, about the Seven Rila lakes, one may find in the book “Talks near the Seven Rila lakes” by the White Brotherhood printing house.

“May the Love of the Lord, the Wisdom of the Lord, the Truth of the Lord, the Virtue of the Lord and the Justice of the Lord prevail with us on Rila!”

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