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School “Sunrise”

The moment of sunrise begins with the first beam of light. The realization of an idea – as well. That is the story behind the school “Sunrise”, which opened its doors in the autumn of 2015. A countless amount of sun thoughts and hours of preparations stand behind this process, while the shining eyes of the children, full of opportunities for basic Goodness lie ahead. This combination created not only a school, but a home for Sunny Childhood.

We are more than happy to apply the “Sun pedagogy” methods in it, which combine nature, music, health and school lessons in one. “Sun teachers” are the people, who keep the light in their minds and warmth in their hearts for every child and person they are working with.

Our doors are always open for children and parents, willing to visit the “Sunrise” educational center and to feel the uplifting atmosphere by themselves. The information, which we keep publishing in our blog will keep you well – informed and serve as an open door towards the Sun pedagogy for anyone interested.

Address: Sofia; “Pancharevo” – Liuliak street #17.



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