Watch the Paneurhythmy

25. Step by Step [Stapka po stapka]

Step by step in life we rise,

Ever growing good and wise;

Never hurry, never stop,

Till we reach the highest top.

Fearless and powerful,

Nothing an obstacle,

Consciously righting every wrong,

Step out steadily,

Help out readily,

Blazing a pathway of light in song.

Rising in life by slow degrees,

Learning from nature’s flowers and trees

How in due season deeply her reason

Perfect completion sees.

Nature in winter is at rest,

Like a good mother she knows best

When to awaken plants to life,

When birds should build their nest.

Ever glancing for the dancing,

Leaping sight of a deer;

Ever listening for the glistening

Sound of running water clear.

Lost in wonder, breathe in the air.

Let the touch of God, everywhere

Bringing to blossom all that is bare,

Fill you with life, fill you with love.

Gone is every care!

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Stâpka po stâpka, eto, niy

vârvim kâm noviya zhivot.

Chertaem svetli bâdnini

za nas i tsyal choveshki rod.

Vsichki pregradi preodolyavame,

ne se strahuvame ot bedi.

Misli krasivi vredom posyavame.

Lyubov sveta da pobedi.

Gone is every care!

Pâteka svetla e pred nas

i nova chudna svetlina.

Zhivot v sârtsata ni se vliva,

mâdrost i lyubov.

Tsvetyata uhayat, zreyat plodove.

Vsichko raste, zhivee, radva se tseliy mir.

Vâzduh disham – aromat,

vredom – chudna krasota.

Izvori blikat – chista voda.

Bistra rosa vsyako listo

sâs brilyant krasi.

“One stands with the feet together and moves one foot at a time, first to the side and then to the front, followed by movement forward. When the feet separate, moving to the side or to the front, the energy of the Sun comes down to us. When both feet are together, the Earth’s energy is transmitted to the Sun. In this way, an exchange occurs. When the feet are apart, we and the Sun are positive in rela- tion to the Earth: we receive from the Sun and give to the Earth. When the feet are together, the Earth’s energy is positive and flows to the Sun.
“Through these movements, one develops the ability to perceive when the Sun is active and when the Earth is active. They help us to adopt the real methods that are hidden within Nature.”
“The music for the Paneurhythmy sequence, ‘Step by Step’, is in a minor scale. Taking a step forward or to the side is related to departure, in other words—to involution. Stepping back to the starting position is related to returning—in other words, to evolution.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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