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The children book “Izvorche”

The children book “Izvorche” (“Well”) is published four times per year. It contains children artwork, addressed for other children. It is recommended for youngsters between the age of 4 and 15. The small books are being published since 2008, four times each year. They are full of interesting articles and sections, such as “Children artwork”, “My Bulgaria”, “Home veterinary” or “History of puppet Theatre”, some of which are only available in several books.

The main purpose of “Izvorche” is to motivate the children to publish their own works, to understand nature and the world better through interactive games and experiments and most of all, to feel joy and pleasure, while reading its pages. This magazine says “no” to boredom and to the boring educational methods of the elders. In its pages, the children communicate exclusively between themselves and take part in various competitions about drawings, photography, literature and other tasks.

This small book is also known for including talented children as editors and writers as well, which are equally involved in its creation and gathering of materials and texts. It greatly improved its graphic design recently, due to the newly attracted young artists and specialists.



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