Watch the Paneurhythmy

The First Day Of Spring (The First 10 Exercises)

The First Day Of Spring includes the first 10 exercises. They have different movements but are danced continuously, without a pause. And you can hear in the audio the music is also without a break between the excesises.

1. Awakening [Probuzhdane]

Rise! Awaken! Spring is here.

Open your door to daylight clear.

Fullness of life for everything

Brings the first bright day of spring,

Brings the first bright day of spring.

Bulgarian transliteration:

Pârviyat den na proletta,

pârviyat den na radostta,

pârviyat den na lyubovta

nosyat sila i zhivot,

nosyat sila i zhivot.

“This exercise represents turning inwardly toward one’s self and then manifest- ing outwardly. The hands first rest upon the shoulders and then open to the sides. This indicates that first we give. This is the masculine principle, the creative begin- ning: that which we possess needs to be shared. Then we bring our hands back to the shoulders. This indicates: we receive again what Nature is giving us. This is the feminine principle, which is receiving and building. These two states alternate. When the hands are extended to the sides, they send and receive energy. The fingers are transmitters through which we transmit energy. The spaces between the fingers are receiving antennas.
“When this exercise is performed with awareness, it inspires a person to receive and then give to others what Nature offers us. Through these movements, the idea of receiving and giving is sent out into the world.
“This movement is called ‘Awakening’ because in the moment the idea to give what you have received arises in your mind, it is a sign that your consciousness has awakened. This means that you have outgrown the framework of your limited personal life and entered into the broader scope of an all-encompassing Life. This is the beginning of the manifestation of the human soul. It will awaken and manifest its beauty.”

“People are just now beginning to comprehend that they belong to the Great Body of Life. Thus begins the awakening of Cosmic Consciousness that strives to make all of humankind into One Family, capable of working together and living in harmony.”

2. Reconciliation [Primirenie]

Nature is smiling,

Sun is shining,

Heavens are blue,

Wakening Earth to life anew,

Wakening Earth to life anew.

Flowers, trees, and birds, and bees

In colors bright and voices clear,

Celebrate the spring that’s here,

Celebrate the spring that’s here.

Bulgarian transliteration:

I ozhivyava,

i ni budi sâs lyubov.

Stavayte ot sân, detsa!

Prolet mila vech doyde.

Tsyalata priroda pee;

Slântse toplo veche grey.

Nosi tsvetya i plodove, nosi pesni i igri.

“These fluid, soft, and curved lines the hands make in front, to the sides, and back again are magnetic. They are lines of softness and reconciliation. They are helping us to resolve all the contradictions of life through gentleness and reconcili- ation rather than through force. When performing the movements in this spirit, we will learn these qualities.”
“The second exercise of Paneurhythmy signifies peace and stillness.”
“It may happen at times when you cannot reconcile with your neighbor. Once you begin to sing, the song within you will awaken the readiness to reconcile. This is the power of music…
“Unless you reconcile with people, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”

3. Giving [Davane]

Now be open to receive

All the blessings spring days leave,

Beautiful gifts of life,

Thoughts bright and pure,

Feelings sure, feelings of love that will endure,

Thoughts as rays of sunshine in the spring.

Gifts of gold that glad time now to us will bring.

Bulgarian transliteration:

Pâlni vsyaka tvar s zhivot,

budi radost vâv duha,

razveselyava sârtsata ni.

Gree, grey Slântseto blagodatno,

tseluva nezhno tsyalata Zemya

i ya okichva s prelestni, bezbroy tsvetya.

“In this exercise, the hands move forward and are then brought back to the chest. This shows how we can make the proper exchange between the inner and the outer worlds, between us and Nature. Everything received from Nature needs to be processed and then shared with others.
“These movements work miraculously upon one’s personal growth because they promote a strong impulse for giving to the world. Through them, people come to understand the great idea of giving and receiving. These movements are highly idealistic. They awaken those virtues in people which will be a foundation for the New Culture: the culture of giving, sacrificing, and self-renunciation for the benefit of our neighbors.
“Through these movements, you come into contact with forces whose existence you have never suspected. Through them, you will enter into the world of abundance. The more that one gives, the more one will receive. If someone is like a full vessel whose content is not emptied, that one can accept nothing more from the outside. As soon as the vessel is emptied, it may be filled anew; if not, a person remains in the old ways. Everything that someone receives needs to be shared with others so that one may partake in the new.
“This is a process of invigoration, renewal, growth, joy, and strength. If the wellspring does not continuously give what it receives, it will not be able to receive fresh new streams. It would be like a stagnant swamp. What a difference between a wellspring of fresh water and a swamp. In the swamp, we find decay. In the pure spring, we find movement and life.”
“The only thing that gives of itself is Love. All that we have is due to Love. What is always giving, always flowing, and never ceases to flow—this is Love. Love says, ‘I take away everything, and I give everything.’ For you to come to understand Love, you need to give…
“Two Laws exist by which human beings must abide: receiving and giving. One receives and gives. Within Nature, an interchange always needs to take place: you need to receive and you need to give.”

4. Ascending [Vâzlizane]

Then look up at yonder Sun

And hail his work of wonder done.

Sing your praise unto the skies,

A joyful sparkle in your eyes.

Feel the sacred thrill!

With the birds the air with music fill.

Bulgarian transliteration:

Blyaskavi zvezdi-brilyanti

svetli skazaniya mâlvyat.

Gree chistata luna,

bezspir leti po svoya pât

po nebesna shir.

I denyat pristiga sled noshtta.

“The successive raising of the right and left arms vertically upward, speaks of the eternal way of Life. It speaks about ascending and descending as two processes in Nature which alternate continuously. Suffering is the valley; joy—the mountain peak. Poverty is the valley; richness—the summit. These processes exist everywhere in Nature. When we walk, we lift a leg, do we not? This is ascending. Then it comes again down—this is descending.
“While ascending and descending, we should know that this is the path we need to follow, that this is the way of Life. It is because, if we do not come down, we will not be able to ascend. This exercise helps us to understand the eternal way of Life and to have the correct attitude toward it.”
“There are two great streams—one from the infinite, which gradually reduces itself and descends to the infinitely small, to the cell; the other, the constantly grow- ing stream from the infinitely small, the cell, to the great, the limitless. And when these two cosmic streams meet in humans, then the great abilities and virtues of the human soul are born.”

5. Elevating [Vdigane]

Higher, ever higher

Everyone aspire.

Never think to stop

Until you reach the most

Exalted mountain top.

Bulgarian transliteration:

Sila i radost,

mladost i obich

Slântseto nosi

i vdâhnovyava,

i vâzrastva v krasota.

“Both arms are moved upward at the same time and then brought downward and back. The lifting of the arms is the receiving of the new, the inspiration which is coming from the Divine World. The bringing of the arms down and back signifies that as we receive the new we put the old behind us. This movement of the arms expresses the great Power that moves people forward along the Path of Life just as a boat is moved forward by the lifting and bringing down of the oars. It represents the awakening of the longing within the human soul for the Divine. It is a call to all souls to begin walking along this Path.”
“Involution is turning away from God and evolution is returning to God. Invo- lution is leaving home and going to work. Evolution is returning home from work with the experience that one has acquired. Moving down symbolizes moving into darkness; climbing up is rising toward the Light.

San Zi (The Beautifull day) : exercises 6,7,8

6. Opening [Otvaryane]

Cast off the clothes of the cold wintertime,

Bathe in the rays of today’s sunshine.

Deeply breathe, absorbing all in sight,

Thanking God for the freedom and joy of light.

Shining above, the Sun shows us the way,

Filling our hearts with joy this springtime day.

Bulgarian transliteration:

Eto go, razhda se krasiviy den.

Eto go, Slântseto kâm nazi grey.

Himni v gorata veselo ptichentse pey.

Bodro igraem po rosni trevi i tsvetya.

Svetlata radost obilno ni grey.

Sila v dushata bezspirno izliva ni tya.

“With the right hand and then with the left, one makes horizontal bow-like move- ments in front of the body. This exercise is meant to resolve certain contradictions of thoughts and emotions. The movements of the right hand resolve contradictions of the mind, while the movements of the left hand resolve those of the emotions. Human hands send out certain energies which remove obstacles. This is a move- ment for removing obstacles from the luminous path of the soul so that it can begin to ascend.
“The movement of the hands from the chest outward represents opening, while bringing them back to the original position represents closing. In order to become part of Nature, you need to open. Once you have entered, you close: that is to say, you should not think about what you have left behind, about the old. The door of the past needs to be shut and that of the future needs to be opened. It is the present which does the opening. That is why this movement can also be called a ‘method for the right opening and closing of the door;’ in other words, making logically right and mindful conclusions in the area of thoughts and feelings.”
“In my opinion, every heart that is not open from morning until night, giving everything it has and accepting everything which falls upon its lot, is not a true heart. When you enter into the all-embracing Love, you become connected with the whole Universe. You will then feel the suffering of all living beings.”

7. Liberation [Osvobozhdavane]

Finally, freed from the chains of the past,

Breaking away, liberated at last,

Fly over lakes to mountain peaks snowy white;

There, at the doorstep of God,

Fold your wings and alight.

Blessed is the soul that, one with God, attains

Life everlasting, life on higher planes.

Bulgarian transliteration:

Niy planinite obichame.

Divniya Musala vâzpyavame.

Pri sedmostrunna arfa na Rila sedim.

Moshtnoto Slântse posreshtame na ranina.

Vecher siyaynite zvezdi sledim.

I Lunata prekrasna v nebesnata shir

“One places both hands in front of the chest with closed fists and moves them apart forcefully opening the fists. This movement symbolizes destroying everything that was holding you back. This is liberation from the old and attainment of the new. It is entering Freedom. We can also call it breaking away of all unnatural relation- ships, and everything old. This movement awakens within us those forces through which the unnatural karmic ties of the old can be eradicated in order to enter into the Life of freedom.
“This is an appeal for liberation, an appeal to leave the prisons. It says to us: Leave the life of eternal sunset and enter into the Life of eternal sunrise. Drop the chains of death and enter into the freedom of Life. Come out of the dark caves, where love does not exist, and enter into the joy of Love.
“Through this exercise, a powerful impulse is transmitted into the world to work upon the consciousness of all humankind.”
“If you desire to be strong, allow God’s Love to manifest through you. Love makes you your own master. You are influenced sometimes by dark forces; you do things that you do not wish to do. This indicates that you are influenced. The Invisible World comes now to set you free from this influence. You need to become masters of these circumstances. Do not permit beings that stand beneath you to command you. In order for one to liberate oneself from those lower beings, one needs to have Love.”
“In human nature there is no Freedom, whereas in the Divine there is, and no violence exists there. In the world, God fights for our Freedom as well. He is the One, who constantly works within us, in order to liberate us from slavery…
“You should never impede the Divine within. When you impede it, you destroy yourself. When you want to arrange your affairs in a human way, you create your own unhappiness; therefore, you need to liberate the Divine in yourself and it will arrange your matters.”

8. Пляскане

Joy like a spring from the heart let flow!

In everything is new life aglow.

Share the joy, the soaring of the soul;

Bless everyone on your way,

Give your love to all.

Singing the song of freedom, clap your hands,

Sending rays of joy to farthest lands.

Bulgarian transliteration:

Eto go, razhda se krasiviy den.

Eto go, Slântseto kâm nazi grey.

Himni v gorata veselo ptichentse pey.

Bodro igraem po rosni trevi i tsvetya.

Svetlata radost obilno ni grey.

Sila v dushata bezspirno izliva ni tya.

“Clapping expresses the triumph of freedom. These movements indicate that we have been set free from all unnatural confining relationships. They show us the frontiers of freedom and where it originates from. They bring the affirmation that it has been achieved just as the waves, which splash upon the shore, show that they have reached their frontiers and are now free to disperse.
“These movements express the joy of the soul that has acquired freedom and the joy of the butterfly emerged from its cocoon. This is the joy of the grass showing its first tender shoots above the dark cold soil and the joy of the flower opening to the Sun’s rays for the first time.”
“Do not deny the least loving feeling that arises in your soul. Some will say, ‘This feeling is of little significance.’ This is not correct. This small feeling of Love will bring you great blessings in the future. These small feelings and thoughts of Love are like the sparks of light that flicker here and there in the darkness. This light in the darkness awakens joy within you because you have found the Path. People today disregard these thoughts and feelings and search for happiness and success in the external…
“Today, people have sorrow. When the Divine comes, Joy will come. The meaning of your life and your true happiness depends upon the fundamental understanding of Love. Where there is Love, there is also Life. And where there is Life, there is also Joy. In a home where Love abides, all are joyful.”

9. Чистене

On the breath of God we rise

Through all clouds and stormy skies,

Purified if, come what may,

Sowing beauty is our way,

Sowing beauty is our way.

Bulgarian transliteration:

Pârviyat den na proletta

pârviyat den na radostta,

pârviyat den na lyubovta

nosyat sila i zhivot,

nosyat sila i zhivot.

“One moves the tips of one’s fingers from the mouth outward, at the same, time blowing gently. The blowing of the air signifies the Word, and the moving of the arms outward represents sowing the seeds of the Word.
“This exercise speaks about receiving the Word and its sowing. It expresses that the Divine Word, which is given through language, needs to be sown. It can be named as well: introduction of the pure Word into life or the right way of introduc- ing pure thoughts, feelings, and actions into life.” (12:78)
“We need to become still as the motionless surface of the water that God’s image may be reflected in us. If He is reflected in us, we will progress. If the image of God is not reflected within, we will remain as we are. We need to be pure so that God’s image may be reflected in us. Peace and purity are the two conditions for God’s im- age to be reflected in us…

“Some people say, ‘Let God set the world right.’ God has inscribed His Word within people’s hearts, and in doing so, He has already set it right. It now remains for what He has written within humans to be made manifest.”

10. Летене

Flying, soaring,

Sunshine pouring in and through

Every cell, we’re born anew,

Every cell, we’re born anew.

Flowers, trees, and birds,

and bees In colors bright and voices clear,

Celebrate the spring that’s here,

Celebrate the spring that’s here.

Bulgarian transliteration:

I zemyata se sâbuzhda ot sânya.

Pochva noviy svetâl den,

noviyat den na proletta.

I prirodata likuva,

che ya slântse toplo grey i lâchi obilno ley.

Vsichko radva se i pey.

Vsichko radva se i pey.

“These wave-like movements of the arms as they are extended sideways represent the Law of acquiring Light and Knowledge within. It is the Law of right understanding of Light and Knowledge. This exercise expresses the uplifting impulse that makes everything grow. What has been sown needs to grow. These movements can also be called: the right way of spreading the Word and helping it to grow into Life.”
“When you tread on a muddy or dusty road, become a bird and fly up to where there is no mud and dust. If you face some obstacle or contradiction in your mind, you need to elevate yourself to a higher realm. When you enter the realm of sublime Thought, you become free from all contradictions…
“An illuminated epoch is coming. The idea of brotherhood will come into real- ization. This Divine Spring will come gradually, not all at once. People will change without noticing. They simply will not notice how they will change. One day they will awaken, and they will find themselves in a new stage similar to the caterpillar, which enfolds into the cocoon, and, once inside, transforms itself into a butterfly that cannot feed on leaves any more. What is coming now can be called ‘Manifesta- tion of the Divine Origin in the human being.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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