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The Master Peter Deunov about Himself

Many people ask me who am I, why have I came to the Earth. It is not their business! I came here to fulfil the will of God, to finish an important work. I will finish it as I understand it – as a musician, who plays well. Will the audience be satisfied, it is not important. Whoever is pleased, will listen to me; whoever is not – will leave the salon and go home. I arrived on Earth not to fulfil my will, but the will of Him, Who sent me. That is what Christ said as well.

      The surging sea

They ask me: “And you, what do you do?” I observe what God does and I learn from Him. I would like all to learn and do what God does – that is nobility, that is a gesture of the soul.

    The narrow road

Everything, which I had wanted – I have done. I wanted to come on Earth, I did. And you are as strong as I am. You wanted to come too and you did. Therefore you may be as powerful as I am. Where is your weakness then?

The mustard seed

Once upon a time, when I was leaving the Sun towards Earth, I asked the Lord what to tell to Bulgarians. He answered: You will tell them: be kind-hearted, intelligent, honest and just. I came to Bulgaria to tell the Bulgarians the truth, to show them the right way. But instead of listening to me, they called me various epithets: liar, self-proclaimed prophet and more. When I go back to the Sun, I will bring all those epithets with me as well and write a book there with notes and impressions from my stay in Bulgaria. The future of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people will depend on my book. If you ask me who am I actually, between the many epithets given by you, I say: a tourist… You ask me: “What is the root of the last name, with which you have arrived?” – The last name is Deunov, but it is an alias. The father of my grandfather used to be a very strong, steаdy person, like a “Deuno”. From it, came the alias Deunov. The barrel has a bottom, ( “Duno” – Bulgarian ) the river, the sea as well – it is interesting for which of the three it is related. There is a bottom everywhere. Woe to him, who has no bottom! That is why when they call you “Deunovists”, you will know that you are not my followers, but people with a bottom.

When Peter saw him

They will start saying that I am Christ. I hadn’t given anyone the right to talk about me. I have nothing against the people think; let everyone think what he want, but let me be free as well! I don’t need your advertising and I am able to advertise myself – I will light my candle and I will say: friend, can you read on my candle? I will show you friends, this little art – how to live. I am a traveler, I visited your country; I have nothing to give you, that is why I will leave you a memory. But don’t think that I am someone great – that is why the great people came once, and now only the soup is left. The educated ones already arrived, the prophets, the apostles, Christ arrived as well, thus from the modern world only a tail is left; I am holding that tail.

He tested them

For myself, I have one rule: I should love people! How will others behave, that I leave aside. For myself, I say: I must behave the same way He, Who is inside me behaves. And I know this. When I am doing everything, which He wishes, I feel a certain joy and I know Him. And everything, which I wish from Him, it happens. There is nothing in life, which I have not received, if I wanted it. I can cure illnesses, I can aid the poor. But when I hesitate for a bit, all that power is gone.

He will be happy

I am sent from God. They must know that I didn’t appear out of my own desire, but I was sent from the Lord to work for the arrival of his Divine Kingdom on Earth. The Kingdom of God has no shape. God was talking through Christ, God talks through me! The ideas which I present in my lectures come from the Divine. I have come to manifest Love, to bring it to the Earth. That is my mission. What Christ spoke and what I am speaking, it has the same source. The sources are not two. But each Teacher is different – he carries a sacred fire from the invisible world – by that fire, one may determine the differences.

The path of the righteous

For me there is no suffering, for me there are no troubles, for me there is no doubt. I want you to think the same and find this same God as well.

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