What is Paneurhythmy

What is the secret of Paneurhythmy?

With each right thought, emotion, or movement, one needs to gain something, to achieve something. Only that which brings gain is valuable. The criterion for the rightness, beauty, and harmony of a movement is the joy one feels when performing it. Everyone who does these exercises feels joy, refreshment, and uplifting—physically and spiritually.
These exercises have a healing and healthful effect for two reasons:
1. They awaken the dormant forces of the human organism.
2. They connect us with the living forces of Nature. Through these movements, we come into contact and harmony with the Laws of Nature in order that she can give us what we need, and that we can give back to her what she needs.
These exercises revive and rejuvenate. They heal not only disease, but also all physical and mental imbalances. Through them, the human body as a whole vibrates musically—and there is no disease or poor health in the musical world. Therefore, through these exercises, we leave the world of disturbance, confusion, disappointment, discontent, worry, and anxiety and enter into the world of harmony. Those who perform the exercises consciously for a year will be healthy; they will free themselves or will be prevented from many diseases through raising the vital forces of the organism.
People today suffer from atrophy of the small muscles of the body, due to lack of use; and this disrupts the blood circulation. These exercises have as a goal, among others, to exercise all the muscles of the body, not only through external movements, but through the vibration of the music as well. This music brings into motion the physical matter of the body, and then the electromagnetic energies are able to flow freely through the solar plexus and throughout the whole body. This heals and rejuvenates. In the future, a special healing music will exist for the vari- ous diseases—a specific music for each one of them.
There is a Law of receptivity in respect to waves of a specific length and fre- quency of vibration. If we attune our “antennae” to certain wavelengths, it will receive them; otherwise, it will be indifferent. These exercises bring the organism and the consciousness into a condition of receptivity to the sublime solar energies necessary for the uplifting of the whole of humankind. Through these exercises, we come into contact with the Divine Intelligence, which exists in the world, and thus receive precious gifts. One enters into a higher realm. Through these exercises an exchange with the Advanced Beings takes place. They unite with us, and are then a part of us, and we—a part of them.
These exercises liberate us from all chains, from all deep-rooted ideas of the past, and we enter into the world of Truth where we attain Freedom. They awaken the endowments hidden within the human soul that are awaiting development.
These exercises bring peace on Earth!
Nature is full of bounties which remain unused because people do not know the right methods. And yet, with all these bounties of Nature, Earth is a valley of tears! This is due to the unwise methods which people use. These exercises are a preparation of the body and the soul for a New Culture.
These exercises need to be performed, starting on the 22nd of March, in every settlement, in every town, and village. They will contribute to the introduction of a new element into humankind. They will be like a ray of light in the daily life. They will introduce a great uplifting into the material life of society. They will awaken the powerful forces of progress. It is advisable for all those who desire the well-being of a nation to introduce these exercises into schools as well as adult community. All this is for the benefit of society. Introduction of the exercises into the schools and among adults will bring about great welfare and prosperity: a healthy and conscious generation which is ready to do the Work.

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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