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“The white Snowdrop” kindergarten

For seven years “The white Snowdrop” kindergarten is a place, where we enjoy taking care for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

Our days start with morning exercises and music, which are the basic foundation of the Sun pedagogy. The food for the children is prepared manually and with taking into consideration all the healthy principles. Hiking is a main part of the program as well, because we believe that each contact with nature (even if it is a short one) acts great for the development of the kids.

The lessons are split into seven modules – health, movement and purity, the living nature, numbers and figures, active games, native and foreign language, art; astrology and astronomy for children. Theatre and dancing classes are available as well, for the interested. We believe, that the diversity of education, which we provide with love and inspiration towards the children, serve as a great stepping stone for the future development of their talents and qualities.

Address: 1113 Sofia, “Gen. Shteryu Atanassov” street, # 2.



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