History of the Summer Spiritual School at Rila RECOMMENDED

With the Master at Seven Rila Lakes

Memories of Methody Konstantinov, Boyan Boev, Maria Todorova, Boris Nikolov


The mountains serve as accumulators of energy, while people are transformers. When you go in the mountains, you should be able to transform the energy, which it offers you. If you do not transform it, you do not benefit.

In spring, when the flowers start to grow, the trees start to blossom, observe them and evaluate the results.  There, you will find the purpose of life.

The Master


There is a certain beautiful valley in the Rila Mountains. There, seven lakes are located. Each one of them has its own name and own nature. This valley is sacred for the student. When we set our camp for the first time with the Master near the second lake in 1929, we found a part of Heaven. Bright peace and purity were filling the entire valley. It was the warm days of summer. The grass, the flowers, the clear water of the lakes, the huge and silent peaks, the songs of the birds – here, everything inspires you. Here, the light dances, the rocks are praying, the flowers blossom, the water streams sing, the lakes contemplate the glory of God. Here, the soul is praying, singing and contemplating the beauty of the Divine life. Since then, we come here every summer. Near these lakes, we lived for years with our beloved Master. And in the same manner magic followed him anywhere else, it did here as well and everything beautified even further. As if everything just started living and talking a language, understandable for our very souls. It all became a school for us. The wells were decorated, fountains were made. They were born here and served as a task, lesson and life for the students. Bridges were made above the water streams, the roads were improved as well, we crafted our lives near the lakes. The Sun was with us, the light was with us, the life was with us.

When you visit the Seven Rila lakes, look for the summit of Prayer. It is a sacred place on Earth. If you find the little narrow path, which leads to it, don’t forget, that on it once our beloved Master walked as well. Many times in the morning, when the dawn vibrates to the east with living light, using quiet and measured steps our beloved Master walked by here. Each stone and bush here remembers this and will never forget it. Up there on the peak, if your soul hears the whisper of the rocks, then you will hear their memories of the words that had been spoken there, the prayers of the students as well. You will see the sunrise of the Sun once again, you will be seen by the ever-lasting Divine eye once again and you will be blessed by it. The shine of a wonderful life will enfold you and you will feel an unknown bliss. Know that this is a sacred place. There was a blackberry here, which burns, but never gets burned. From this location, one early morning, the Master sent his regards:


The soil which stands is firm.

The tree which stands and grows is patient.

The water which flows is pure.

The air which blows is fresh.

The light which shines is powerful and alive.

And the man, who ponders is reasonable and happy.

Because life, knowledge, light, freedom and love form perfect completeness in him.


Sometimes, the words of the Master sound like parables:


Youth is a cloth of life.

Light is a cloth of knowledge.

Water is a cloth of health.

A life without good qualities is like a garden without flowers, like trees without fruits.

The beginning of everything is the Spirit.

The beginning of the Spirit is Love.

The peak of the Spirit is Wisdom.

The end of all things is Truth, which brings freedom.

An end exists only when controversies do not.

A beginning exists only when there is agreement.

If the heart does not feel, then the beautiful will not come.

If the mind does not think, the great will remain unreadable.

When the smart one enters his boat, it starts on its own.

Why do you have to suffer? So joy can follow.

Why do you have to live? So you can achieve happiness.

Why do you have to be beautiful? So love can visit you.

A beautiful thought, a noble feeling, a good action, these are loyal friends.

The true friend must be beautiful, noble and kindhearted.

Listen to the will of your spirit and to the guidance of your soul – this way you will always feel good.

In the path of life, one’s faith and hope are tested.

In the path of knowledge, one’s mind and will are tested.

In the path of freedom, one’s nobleness of the soul and mercy of the heart are tested.

One is the Spirit, many are the spirits.

One is God, many are the souls.

One is Him, many are His sons and daughters.

One is the Whole, many are the parts of the Whole.

One is the name of the Whole, countless are the names of its parts.

Walk there, where light is.

Descend, where water descends.

Walk there, where the Spirit works.

Love lives.

Wisdom shines.

The Truth brings the future.


There is a certain ladder. It has seventy two steps, simply arranged, made out of non-polished stone. Some of them may have moved a little, when you arrive here. These steps lead to a little meadow, surrounded by green mountain pines, looking towards the valley of the lakes and the peaks. Our Master lived here. Maybe you will still find traces of his little tent. On that meadow, we listened to his Word many times, drinking from the nectar of immortality. Or maybe you will find one little path which starts there. It then passes to the ridge to the right and then wanders around until it reaches the peaks of the mountain. Follow that path. Keep pondering while you walk. Walk and thank the Lord for the great goods by which he has surrounded you. It will lead you up there, near the Lake of Purity. When you reach it, wash your face and feet in it. And always carry its image in your soul. Let it be like a talisman which will protect you and lead you to God.


When you reach the Lake of Purity, remember the rule of the student:

Put the Truth in your soul and the freedom, which you are seeking, you shall find.

Put the light in your mind, the Wisdom will come and Knowledge will offer you its aid.

Put the purity in your heart, Love will come and real life will begin.


At night, the blue twilight fills the lake valley and erases with a soft hand all the bright views from the day. The tall peaks surround the sky with powerful lines and endless number of stars sparkle and look at themselves in the quiet waters of the lake. Then we light up the huge campfire near the Elbur Lake. Bright fire flames start to leap up from the dried mountain pines. The smell of resin is in the air. A pleasant warm feeling softens the chilling night. The fire is our ethereal companion for thousands and thousands of years in our existence on Earth. How many troubles has it saved us from! It is a common language, which the fire uses when talking with the soul, thus they understand each other. The moving flames rise upwards, a swarm of sparkles fly towards the stars. From the little tents, everyone comes near the fire. But the soul needs to speak out. Thus we start singing a song. Then the rocks, the stars, the fire, the lakes and souls all together send an anthem towards God the Eternal, the Boundless – a thankful anthem about the life, which he has granted us. That is how the souls return a favor.

Of course there are moments which we spend in silent meditation. Each one of us listens to his soul deeply, trying to hear what the mountain whispers in its eternal language. In these sacred moments many questions become clear, illuminated by the light of another world.

From time to time we look towards the dark rocky slopes above and when a small white light appear and start moving towards us, we know that our beloved Master is coming. When he sits between us, we feel fullness, as if we have everything. The reflections from the fire dance on his meek face, surrounded by his white silver hair. Sometimes we remain silent for long periods, listening to the fire and observing its flames. The fire is something sacred. Sometimes a poet will pour out his soul in rhymes or a master of the bow will show his art. Most of all however, we enjoy singing the songs of the Master. Some of them are for the early mornings, others – for the daily sunlight, but some fit the quiet peace of the night near the fire mostly. In those moments of the night, our songs ascend towards the stars. The night rhythm of life can be felt in them, as well as in the stars, in the song of waters, in the game of the flames, in the determination of the sparkles, in the chilling breath of space. Everything merges into a unified eternal harmony. The life of the Whole fills everything.

We should meet you with all the lakes. The second lake is called Elbur. This name was given to it by the Master. At its upper end, where the stream flows into it, you will find a fountain, made out of white, milky quartz. There is no such fountain on any other place. It has the shape of an anchor. The water flows out of two hands. The well was discovered by our beloved Master.

Under the big rock, there were only swamps. After we cleaned and dug them, we found the water. It is our favorite fountain. It is made with a lot of love, as the Master used to work with love and teach us. On the rock, there is an engraved anchor – symbol of the connection between human soul and God. There is an inscription as well, cut in the rock, given by our Master. It says:

“Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, Masters and students, servants and masters, all of you, workers of life, open your hearts for the Good and be like this well.”

This fountain is happy. It witnessed beautiful things. All rocks around are alive, there is a soul in them as well. Here, the large round stone is located, which leans on only one spot. The Master liked to shake it with his finger, even though it weights thousands of kilograms.

If you walk upwards in the valley, the beauty will fill your soul, as fragrance fills the freshly-appeared flowers of a plant. The path goes near the lake stream. The flowers around it are fresh, while the grass – juicy. If you follow this path, it will take you to all the lakes. The third lake, the Master named Balder-Daru. On the meadow near it, we used to do our exercises many times. Listen to the echo of the rocks, maybe you will hear the marvelous melodies, which were once sang here. When God visits the valley, the rocks sing.

The path will take you to the fourth lake. It is a double lake – the Twin. The inner lake is enclosed by the rocks. A Chilling, strict and stately peace may be felt here. It is a place for meditation and relaxation.

After you climb on the upper terrace, you will see a large, bright lake. The Master called it Mahabur. A lot of light and joy is located in its waters. Vast meadows are spread around it, distant valleys can be seen. Here, as well, the vibration of good life is floating in the air. Happy people here used to sing songs or dance under their rhythmical sounds. Before you reach this lake, maybe you will find a little fountain, in the shape of a heart. In it as well, you will see the bright love of the Master towards wells.

From the big and bright lake of Mahabur, the path continues upwards. The roar of waterfalls and streams will salute you, revealing you a lot of secrets, while a surprise is awaiting you on top. The most beautiful lake is located here – the Heart. Deep, pure, silent, wonderful and dreamy lake. Its whisper is silent like a harp, charming the soul. Here, you may stay with hours. The best of thoughts will visit you. Indeed, one can speak with angels here. It will tell you about the days, when our beloved Master walked the Earth between mankind. It will tell you about many other souls, which like a swarm of birds followed him, while drinking the living water.

After you climb the last steep, you will see a little lake, which we call the Head. The Master called it Shem-Haa, the topmost lake of all. It felt the warm loving eyes of the Master as well. He has spoken beautiful words here, which you may try to perceive.

On the ridge of the mountain, you will see a wide world, which God, our Father created, so our souls can be joyful. So we can praise Him, love Him and return to Him.

Our Eternal Father guides us. Our beloved Master lives in our souls. May His name be blessed.



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