Watch the Paneurhythmy

11. Evera

1.Dance in the dawn,

Dance on the green and sparkling,

Decked with dew-drops lawn;

After a night of rest again in light be dressed.

Breathe the morning air;

Let the breezes waft away your care;

Rhythmic’ly dance with brooks and flowers fragrant, fair;

Graceful and free, step lightly on your way

On this inspiring bright spring day.

2. Dance in the dawn,

Welcome the rising Sun

With happiness and song;

Join in the harmony of nature’s dancing throng.

Breathe the morning air;

Let the breeze waft away your care;

Rhytmic’ly dance with brooks and flowers fragrant, fair;

Graceful and free, step lightly on your way

On this inspiring bright spring day.

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

1. Slântseto grey, gali s lâchi tsvetentsa i trevi, i nas.

Na ranina vâztorzheno igraem niy. Vâzduh – blagodat.

Ptichki hrârkat veselo nad nas.

Prirodata siyae tsyala v krasota.

Rosna trevitsa blesnala v elmaz.

Tsvetyata leyat aromat.

2. Slântseto grey, prashta veselie po tsyalata zemya.

Tseliya mir sâbuzhda, vika sâs lyubov.

Vliva ni zhivot,

dava radost, mir i krasota.

Zalyazva to, no vechno se yavyava pak.

Blesti, izprashta zhiva svetlina –

sluzhitel mil na blag Bashta.

“The body turns to the left and to the right, and every turn is followed by a step forward. Here we have the action of the two principles: Love and Wisdom, or the feminine and masculine that work for the uplifting of the world. Turning to the left represents the feminine principle, the receiving of Love; turning to the right is the masculine principle, the receiving of Wisdom. The forward movement that follows signifies the movement toward Truth. Thus the application of Love and Wisdom in our lives leads us toward Truth, in other words, toward the Sublime Reality on which the whole of Creation is based. The movement forward stimulates our growth, our mental progress, and the whole of evolution, in general.”
“In the world, only one power exists: the power of Love. I recognize no other au- thority. There exists no other government greater than Love. Every other power bows before Love. For the building of the New Order, the Law of Love must be applied. The second Law is the Law of Wisdom. Love brings Life, whereas Wisdom brings Light and Knowledge. The third Law is the Law of Truth, which brings Freedom. Apart from these Laws, no society or nation can be built. They are the fundamental principles upon which the future life will be based.”
“‘Eve’ signifies the principle of birth. ‘Ra’ signifies the Sun. ‘Evera’ means ‘born of the Sun.’”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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