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17. Square [Kvadrat]

Bright is the morn,

Filled with the fragrance sweet of flowers just born;

White pearls of dew,

A golden crown her glorious head adorn.

All nature sings, all nature now with music rings,

Praising the dawn, praising the morning newly born,

Praising the rising Sun, the radiant father of the morn.

Red is the east,

God’s loving lips its brilliant forehead have kissed,

Filling the morning air with vibrant life and sacred bliss.

All nature sings, all nature now with music rings,

Praising the dawn, praising the morning newly born,

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Slântseto grey, trepti zorata ot zhivot i lyubov.

Trepti zorata, greynala v brilyanteni lâchi.

Vsichko dnes pey, vsichko dnes sladkoglasno pey

za Bozhiy den, za noviy svetâl Bozhi den,

za radost nova, shto v sârtsata ni bezspirno ley.

“This exercise teaches us how to have the right standard by which to measure everything on Earth. During the movements the face turns successively to the four directions—east, west, north, and south—connecting with their energy. The east represents Justice; the south—Virtue; the north—Truth, and the west—the earthly existence. The west demonstrates how Truth, Justice, and Virtue benefit human- kind. When the Sun sets, one then appreciates its blessing.”
“The exercise “Square” has a very good effect upon us.”
“Those who seek to perfect themselves should first re-establish in their mind the direction of the four right-angles. Only then can one move rightly. The square has two diagonals, four sides and four right angles. The first angle represents the human mind; the second—the human heart; the third—the direction of the spirit; and the fourth—the direction of the soul…
“Applying the right-angles you will see that each force has its own place: the spirit and soul, the mind and heart, each one of them has its own place. Number one indicates the place of the spirit; number two—the place of the soul; number three—the place of the mind; and number four—that of the heart. Therefore, use the sacred geometry of the square as a guiding concept by which you can fulfill your tasks. Apply the square as a figure where the external and the internal conditions are balanced.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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