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18. Beauty [Krasota]

Graceful, beautiful, and free,

Nature’s music follow we.

High above an angel sings;

Raising each hand a blessing brings.

Knowing only flowing motions soft as gold,

Lovingly we let a bud of beauty unfold.

Like a lively brook in flow,

Thus our hearts and minds will grow,

So we dance each day to be

Graceful, beautiful, and free.

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Vsyaka sutrin v ranen chas

Slântseto posreshtame.

Lâchi, vâzduh i rosa, radvat nashite sârtsa. /2

Vdâhnoveni misli v nas da potekat

i krasivi chuvstva da rastat.

Sladki zreli plodove da davat

i zhivota vred da ukrasyavat.

Greynali lâchi navred.

Bistro izvorche shurti.

Radost blika v tseliy svyat.

Ptichka veselo leti.

“The hands, alternately, reach forward and upward while the body gently rocks forward and backward, from one leg to the other. This movement represents the processing of the forces of the square. The ‘Square’ gives us the materials, and this exercise processes them. This processing is a work of art, mastery. The lines of the movement are straight; therefore, we may say that the masculine principle which processes the ‘Square’ is expressed here. This is the electricity.”
“Search for that Beauty which bears the Image of God within itself. There is something beautiful in Nature’s forms. An invisible Hand is at work and it creates that combination of forms that we observe. The Image of God is expressed in Nature. Sometimes Nature appears more beautiful to us: the sky and the Sun appear to be lovelier, more radiant, and more beautiful. There are other times when Nature ap- pears gloomy and stern to us. Does this change truly occur in Nature? No. When we do not live well, we cast a shadow and perceive the Image of God as gloomy.
Perfect Beauty is a human ideal. In the future, people will be beautiful.”
“The Advanced Beings know that the human soul is a sacred book in which God, in a special manner unknown to them, has written the development of all of Creation. Because of this, they await the blossoming of the human soul with divine anticipation. The blossom into which this soul will bloom, will shine forth with all its beauty, and God will infuse it with His Light and His Love. There is a beauty in the human soul which no other being in life possesses. It is incomparable beauty. Even God rejoices when He looks at the form of the human soul.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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