What is Paneurhythmy

The paneurhythmy – Introduction

The paneurhythmy is a unique Bulgarian system of physical exercises for вwellbeing, that are done in a group (the people are arranged in circle formed by pairs). These exercises work on all levels of our wellbeing by promoting health and joy, bringing us into contact with the vital forces of Nature—those energies that give balance and harmony. This is highly effective practise, which is good for both, body and soul.

Esch exercise of the paneurhythmy has a general philosophic idea, that is reflected in its music, lyrics, name and movements. The author of the paneurhythmy explains, that the movements are speaking without words and its language should be learned and that each movement has an idea, a thought. 

The paneurhythmy is created with precision by Bulgarian spiritual master Peter Deunov for 22 years (from 1922 until 1944). For 75 years its being a joyful choice for a people around the world to dance paneurhythmy for their phisical and spiritual wellbeing. People from five continents have a chance to go to courses an dance paneurhythmy. It is a universal physical practice that unites people from different races, gender, age, nationality and religion. It is based on a profound philosophic basis and that’s way it is considered as one of the psyho-physical practices for the leisure time with a complex effects on the person, like some well-known eastern practises.

The paneurhythmy is very pleasant, simple and highly effective physical practises for wellbeing and self-improvement. Through it one finds the most beautiful and meaningful in him, which recreates his life and fulfil it with more health, beauty and joy. 

The paneurhythmy is danced outdoors in the morning from 22 of March until 22 of September. The music of the exercises is specially composed for each exercise and it follows the movements and the basic meaning of the exercises. The paneurhythmy is danced in a circle and in the centre are placed the musicians. The movements of the exercises are fluent and follow the beat of the music, the rhythm is slow to moderate, the body is upright.

The paneurhythmy consists of three major parts. The first part has 28 exercises, the second is called “Sun rays”, and the third – “Pentagram”. The three parts has different exercises, different duration, peculiarity and arrangement of the people in the circle. 

Most of the time the people are moving in a circle in the middle if which are the musicians playing. 

The whole paneurhythmy is 75 minutes long and after each exercise there is a small break. And it is basically a dance, because the people in the circle are following the exact music for each exercise. Thanks to the fluent and easy movements and the slow to moderate tempo of the paneurhythmy, it is an activity that has a very low risk of traumas and it is useful and within the capacity of people from different age groups. 



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