1895 – 1900 Return to Bulgaria

1895 In the beginning of the year, Peter Deunov departs to Bulgaria with the Etruria ship on the New York – Liverpool (England) line. He arrives in Liverpool on 23 January 1895 and in the early spring of the same year he comes back to Bulgaria.

The Etruria ship

He settles down in Varna and rents a room from Ms. Hristovitsa together with Dr. Georgi R. Mirkovich.

Dr. Georgi R. Mirkovich (1828 – 1905)

Beginning of the educational and public activities in Bulgaria

5 November 1895 Peter Deunov holds his first public talk on the topic “Science and education in relation to the two great laws of development” in the biggest city hall in Varna – Saedinenie (unity), organised by the Society of teachers in the city.

Announcement of the talk by P. K. Deunov in Varnenski obshtinski vestnik (Varna’s municipality newspaper) on 2 November 1895.

1896 P. Deunov publishes his first book titled Science and education. Beginnings of human’s life in the printing house of Kancho Nikolov.

The original first edition of the book Science and education in 1896. This copy is stored in the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library in Sofia (id 14041)

Peter Deunov was one of the „agitators“ of the independent society Odrinsko-preselensko drujestvo Strandja, founded on 12 May 1896 in Varna and dedicated to the protection of “Christian and non-Muslim folks in Turkey, particularly the ones in Macedonia and the Vilayet of Edirne”.
On 29 December the same year, he takes part in the demonstration Miting organised by the society as a member of the Bureau of the Miting. Chairman of the Miting is captain Petko Kiryakov (Petko Vojvoda (1844-1900)). The demonstration concludes with a resolution.

The resolution from the Miting published in the Strandja newspaper on 1 January 1897.

4 December 1896 Together with Petko Kiryakov (1844-1900), Krastyu Mirski (1852-1920) and other prominent public figures, Peter Deunov is one of the founders of the community center Chitalishte P. R. Slaveykov in Varna. They approve the charter and the stamp of the center on 29 December the same year.
5 January 1897 Peter Deunov is selected for a librarian and administrator of Chitalishte P. R. Slaveykov. Until the end of 1987, he holds in the city three talks on philosophical topics organised by the center, and two more talks in 1898.

Call to the first disciples and establishment of Verigata

7 March 1897 After a mystical experience in Varna, Peter Deunov accepts the duty of a spiritual Master. He confesses this much later to Savka Keremedchieva (1901-1945) on 20 March 1923 (7 March according to the Julian calendar) in the house of Petko Gumnerov (circa 1865-1922) in Opalchenska str. 66 in Sofia.
1897 Peter Deunov together with Dr. Georgi Mirkovich, Dr. Anastasia Jelyazkova, Vasil R. Kozlov and other spiritual followers from the spiritual school in Varna, sets up the Society for lifting the religious spirit of the Bulgarian folk, later called Verigata (the chain).
August, 1898 In Varna, the first meeting of Peter Deunov with the living in Burgas Penyu Kirov (1868-1918) takes place. This marks the beginning of a lengthy correspondence between the two.
8 October 1898 Peter Deunov announces to Penyu Kirov that he has received “a lengthy message from the angel Orifila”. He lays it out as A call to my folk, Bulgarian sons of the Slavic tribe and reads it in front of the members of the charity Mayka (mother). In the end of the year, he prepares the text and sends it for printing in Burgas but later he changes his mind and tells to Penyu Kirov to “disorder the typesetting forms” in the printing house.
13 February 1899 Peter Deunov receives One order from the Lord with the Ten Lord’s Testimonials, as well as God’s promise which he sends to Penyu Kirov in his letter from 24 February the same year. He suggests to him and to Todor Stoyanov (Stoimenov) (1872-1952): “after you pray, give me your decisions in a written form and two of you”. On 28 February Penyu Kirov and Todor Stoimenov give him back the copied Testimonials. Each one of the copies is signed personally by them.
1899 In the spring, Peter Deunov leaves Chitalishte P. R. Slaveykov. He spends July, August and September with his brother Atanas K. Popov in the village Gyule Kyoy (today Zasmyanovo). In the autumn of 1889, he goes to his father the priest Konstantin Deunovski in Novi Pazar where he stays till the early spring of 1901.
8-10 April (Easter) 1900 Peter Deunov, Penyu Kirov and Todor Stoimenov meet in Varna. Peter Deunov comes from Novi Pazar, and the other two – from Burgas. For Todor Stoimenov, this is the first meeting with Peter Deunov. Dr. Mirkovich is not present there, although he is invited to the gathering.

Penyu Kirov and Todor Stoimenov

25 June – 8 July 1900, Varna Peter Deunov writes down Seven talks with the Lord’s Spirit. For this important occasion, he writes to P. Kirov in his letter from 10 July.
July 1900 – April 1901 included Through correspondence, Peter Deunov is a person in charge at the Sofia’s newspaper Rodina by Iv. Bachvarov (1874-1923).
1900 Peter Deunov publishes the spiritual brochure Hio-eli-meli-mesail. God’s voice in the Velchev printing house in Burgas. On the cover one can also read: “So I swore. Are you faithful? With righteousness you will establish yourself” and the pseudonym of the author Emanoil. On the lower part of the cover as a blank verse is printed the prototype of the future song Love is a spring. The second edition of Hio-eli-meli-mesail is printed in Stara Zagora in 1912.
18-25 July 1900, Varna The first meeting of Peter Deunov with the first three of his disciples – Penyu Kirov, Todor Stoimenov and Dr. Georgi Valkov Mirkovich in Varna. This meeting should be seen as the First congregation of the White Brotherhood.
27 November 1900 In a letter from Novi Pazar to P. Kirov, Peter Deunov sends the text of the Prayer with the instruction: “Pray like this”. It is written in singular, later it’s titled The Good Prayer. Since the war time till today The Good Prayer is read in plural. Further in his letter, Peter Deunov advices Penyu Kirov: “Preserve this prayer as it was given by the Holy Spirit”.

Facsimile of the original letter with the text of the prayer from P. Deunov,  27 November 1900.



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