1901 – 1921 – Tours in Bulgaria. Testimony of the New epoch

1901-1902 Peter Deunov publishes five articles on phrenology in the “Rodina” magazine edited by Todor Iv. Bachvarov

In the period 1901-1912, Peter Deunov travels around Bulgaria, gives public talks (mainly on the topic of phrenology), and conducts anthropometric surveys on Bulgarians.

One of the phrenological maps prepared by Peter Deunov.

1901 г. In the end of July, Peter Deunov goes from Varna to Sofia by foot together with the editor Todor Iv. Bachvarov. First, the two of them stop in Burgas where they stay until circa 12 August. There, together with friends they organize the second annual meeting – gathering of followers.

1903 г. In a letter addressed to Penyu Kirov from 9 April 1903, we find the first documented advice from Peter Deunov to his adherents to adopt a meatless vegetarian diet: “Eat less meat and more plant-based foods, and I will tell you why. Meat is harmful and a carrier of all diseases. The best foods are fruits and grains, lentils, peas, spinach, rice, beans, black beans, also cheese, garlic, salad, green onion, as well as fish.”

1903 г. On 14 August, Peter Deunov gathers the members of the Society for rasing the religious spirit of the Bulgarian nation on the annual gathering in Varna. Besides the first three scholars from 1900, there are three other.

1904 г. The annual gathering of the society takes place on 8 August in Burgas.

From 1906 on, Peter Deunov settles permanently in Sofia, in Opalchenska 66 str. in the family house of Petko Gumnerov and Evangelina Gumnerova.

The Gumnerov’s family and friends: The Master – the first on the right, sitting; Petko Gumnerov – the second on the right, sitting; Evangelina – standing, with her hand on the shoulder of her husband.
In the yard in Opalchenska 66 str. Because of the lack of space in the room, part of the listeners of P. Deunov are standing in front of the window.



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