1910-1915 1919-1925 Annual meetings in Veliko Tarnovo.

1911. The invitations for the annual meeting of the “Succession” in Veliko Tarnovo were sent very early on, their text is widespread, and the meeting is officially named “Congregation”. During the meeting Peter Deunov shows a graphic of a black and white Pentagram and explains the meaning of the symbols in it. On the last day of the meeting, all 32 attendees receive a printed copy of the Pentagram.

The graphic of the Pentagram (70×50 cm), given by P.Deunov in 1911 in Veliko Tarnovo.

June 1912 Peter Deunov is in Arbanassi, where in solitude for two months, compiles the book “The Testament of the Colourful Rays of Light” on selected biblical verses. The Book of “The Testament of the Colourful Rays of Light” is published in the autumn of 1912.

In 1913 The congregation is not taking place due to military advancement. Peter Deunov is excommunicated from the Orthodox Church with charges of sectarianism and occultism.

On 22 March 1914, during a festive lecture on the day of the spring equinox, Peter Deunov proclaims the beginning of the new Age: “Many of you do not understand the importance of today, but for some it will remain memorable, because today ends an era and another one begins – a new one.“

On March 29 (March 16, old style), 1914, Peter Deunov gives the first officially stenographed lecture, “Here’s the Man”, which marks the beginning of the cycle of lectures Force and Life. It sets out the basic principles of the new teaching of the White Brotherhood.

The first stenographer of the sunday speeches is Todor Galabov – author of textbooks on fast handwriting and a stenographer at the parliament.  He stenographs and deciphers the lectures in the period between 1914-1917. Upon T. Galabov’s departure abroad, the stenography of the lectures and speeches is undertaken in 1917 by the young Pasha (Paraskeva) Teodorova (1888-1972). Later, she is joined by both Elena Andreeva (1899-1990) and Savka Keremidchieva (1901-1945).  Simultaneously,  both stenograph and  decipher together all the Teachings of the Master up until his last lecture of December 20, 1944.

August, 1914. In the documentation of same year’s congregation, protocoled by Dimitar Golov and Petko Gumnerov,  Peter  Deunov is being addressed for the first time as “The Master”. It arises after Peter Deunov declares the beginning of the New Age, but also due to the extraordinary depth and insight of his lectures and talks. The Spiritual Master  prevails over the person “Mr. Deunov”.

Between 1917-1918, during the First World War, the government of Vasil Radoslavov banishes Peter Deunov in Varna under the pretext of “weakening the spirit of the soldiers”. During the whole period of his expulsion in Varna for about 10 months, Peter Deunov continues his active correspondence with his followers. In addition to personal letters, many of which are addressed to soldiers on the front, the Master repeatedly sends greetings named: “To all friends” throughout the country with guidance and good wishes to many, encouraging their spirits during the difficult times of war.

His first short greeting from Varna dates back to 21 August 1917. At the beginning of June 1918 He returns to Sofia , almost simultaneously with the end of the term of V. Radoslavov´s government and the change of the cabinet.

1919 – During the congregation in Veliko Tarnovo, Master Petar Deunov for the first time holds public lecture in front of citizens of V. Tarnovo – “The Universal Love” and “Cosmic Endearment”. The participants from the gathering attend dressed in white. The Master advises them – if asked “what they are”, to say that they are “Disciples of the White Brotherhood”.

1919-1925 The Master publishes ten articles in the magazine Universal Chronicle, also published in 1927 in the book “The Forces of the Living Nature”. In 1933 the next edition of the book is printed with the title “The Kingdom of Living Nature”.

In 1921, Master Deunov for the first time takes out his disciples to greet the sunrise at the highest point of Sofia heights, in the area Boucher, and gives  it the bright name “Izgrev” (Sunrise).
During the congregation of 1921 in Veliko Tarnovo, the Master introduces the salutation “brother” and “sister” among the members of the Brotherhood (obligatory for the congregations) and the greeting “There is no Love such as God’s Love. Only God’s Love is Love. “



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