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22. Acquaintance [Zapoznavane]

Touch of the hand is blessing a friend,

Through friendship and love our souls will blend.

Lighter our burden grows

When, with a friend so close,

Feelings and thoughts so high

Meet eye to eye.

Blessings abundant flow

Through every soul,

We feel the Hand Divine

Making us whole.

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Kolko priyatno ptichentse pee

i blagodatno Slântseto grey.

Rosni livadite, svezhi polyanite,

igraem niy i peem v ranina.

Zhivota e krasiv i izobilen,

che Bog nad nazi e milostiv.

A sled igri i pesni krasivi

nie rabotim v nashite nivi.

I gi posyavame – seme izbrano,

da niknat, zreyat zhitni klasove.

I dreben dâzhd-rosa shte gi polee,

i Slântseto shte gi vâzrasti.

“In pairs, the dancers face one another holding hands. Then releasing their hands, they turn their backs to one another. This exercise is a natural way of de- veloping self-awareness. It indicates that everyone should perceive and appreciate the good in others in terms of views and virtues.
“When the two turn their backs to each other, the one on the left processes the Good, while the one on the right processes Truth. The Center is between them. Within this Center, Love abides. When they face each other, they move toward the Center—toward Love.
“While facing each other, they form an ellipse with the movements of their hands. Turning their backs to each other, the hands then form a hyperbola. The hyperbola is a method for resolving the tremendous contradictions in life. Within it, we have two halves. This is the human being divided: the two polarities of the human being and the Creation of the polarities as male and female. When they unite as one, the human being is formed.”
“People of today still live with the delusion of awaiting love from others. Open your hearts to God for His Love, and then people will love you. They are the multitude through whom God manifests Himself. Therefore, for you to come to know people, you should first come to know the One. This means that in order to understand the multitude, you first need to understand the Unity. I, too, draw close to you through Him—through God…
“One of the new precepts states: Love others, as you would like to be loved. Every person should know that the good he desires for himself should be good for others as well.
“True Love is a model through which people help each other to learn. True Love requires a mindful exchange between souls. To love
someone means to experience a proper exchange
with him. When the interchange between two people
who love each other is proper, then they are joyful, fulfilled, and ready to sacrifice for each other and to be helpful to all people.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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