What is Paneurhythmy

FAQ about paneurhythmy

1. What is the meaning of the word “paneurhythmy”?

Etymologically, “Paneurhythmy” is derived from three roots:

Pan—meaning cosmic, universal, whole, all-inclusive.

Eu—meaning true, supreme, the Source of everything, the essence, the real and substantial in the world.

Rhythmy—meaning periodicity, proper regularity of movement and of every other external aspect of life.

The prefix “pan” implies an expression of rhythm which is innate to Nature and is present in all of Nature underlying the total Creation. According to this etymologi- cal analysis, Paneurhythmy can be translated as Supreme Cosmic Rhythm.

Paneurhythmy is a harmonious creative manifestation of the Divine Origin of the entire Creation.

The author of the paneurhythmy – Master Peter Deunov said: “If one’s movements are in harmony with the cosmic rhythm, one can connect with the forces of the Living Nature and benefits from them. This is what we do with the paneurhythmy exercises. The movements of the paneurhythmy are not excursive, they are taken from the rhythm on which the cosmic life is places. When one do this exercises, one harmonizes himself with the whole Univerce and receive something precious from it.”

2. Is the paneurhythmy for everyone?

The paneurhythmy is for people from all ages. There is no restriction upon race, gender, education, social status and religion. It’s a collective practice and everyone is responsible for the group harmony and needs to be respectful to the other participants and to be in unity about thre principles of the paneurhythmy with the others.

The paneurhythmy is an important part of the Master Beinsa Douno’s teaching and it is beneficial for the participants to have basic knowledge about his teaching to be able to understand its profound meaning.

3. When we dance paneurhythmy?

We dance paneurhythmy every year from 22nd of March until 22nd of September, early in the morning.

4. Can I dance paneurhythmy alone?

Yes, but first you have to know it by heart and second it will be incomplete expeirience, becouse some of the exercises are ment for a couple. And ofcouse you will miss all the benefits from the collective practice.

5. Кой е създателя ѝ?

The paneurhythmy is created in Bulgaria in the first half of the XX century  by Peter Deunov (1864-1944), also know as Beinsa Douno. In hos youth he is educated in music, theology and medicine and later on he is know as a founder of a Spiritual Society that follows his teaching, which he personaly leads for 22 years in Bulgaria. Peter Deunov created rich spiritual and cultural heritage – roughly 4000 lectures, published in 250 volumes; articles; spiritual talks; letters; music compositions; paneurhythmy etc. Because of his profound knowledge and wisdom, also because of his extraordinary abilities and the respect that his followers had for him, they addressed him as “The Master”.

The respect and recognition that are given to Peter Deunov exeeded the borders of Bulgaria, which is obvious form the numerous translations of his works and the interest for him from all over the world. His works are translated in Russian, English, Latvian, Czech, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, German etc.

Back in 1939, prof. Alfred Lomony from the University of Toulouse marked the ideas of Peter Deunov as “nessesary for the revival of the culture and discovering new horizonts infront of the humanity”. Pope Joan XXIII thinks that the most important philosopher of “today’s era” is Peter Deunov.

6. Waht is the benefit from the paneurhythmy?

The paneurhythmy improves and maintain the phisical and menal health, increases ones working capacity and provide the harmonious development of man and society.

7. What is the dree code for paneurhythmy?

When we dance paneurhythmy in the working days and we can’t change after the practice and have to go to work, we are dressed casual. It is good to know thou, that your practive can’t be effective if you are wearing high hills. We recomend loose and comfortable clothing made of natural fabrics which allow you make the movements freely. It is better if you are dressed in lighter colours, that create a calm and serene mood. Please, avoid black clothing.

Having in mind that the paneurhythmy is a spiritual dance it is not recomended to wear clothing that is extravagant and provocative (for example: shorts and tank top, short skirt or transparent clothes). The paneurhythmy clothing should outline the movement not the the body forms.

When we dance the paneurhythmy on holidays by tradition we are dressed in white. The white colour is symbol of harmony, because it contains all the other colours of the spectrum. The white colour represents purity and generosity. The white clothing that we wear on holidays are symbol of our aspiration toward this virtues.

8. When the paneurhythmy is created?

The paneurhythmy is created in Bulgaria between 1922 – 1942.

9. Where can I dance paneurhythmy?

In Bulgaria we dance paneurhythmy in many places. The biggest ones are at the Seven Rila lakes during the Summer spiritual school in august. The paneurhythmy is danced also in Russia, Germany, France, England, USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Kongo, Spain ect. To find the nearest palce to you please write to bialo.bratstvo@gmail.com.



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