Methods of self improvement RECOMMENDED

Rules for the student

The student must have a heart as pure as a crystal; a mind as bright as the sun; a soul as lofty, noble and wide as the universe and a spirit as strong as God.

The student who wants to learn must possess iron will, nothing should despair him.

The student must be quiet in order to think. His thoughts must be in one direction only and not chaotic. There should be no opposing thoughts or doubts!

The power of the character in a student lies in the completion of the promise, which he gave to himself.

The student comes to class with full faith, without any doubt towards the words of the Master – doubts and unnecessary thoughts are not allowed.

The student bows down, listens and follows the words of the Master.

A student is only he, who is regular with his lessons and always visits his lectures. He is always on time and never late.

A student is only he, who is in harmony with the Absolute. The students must know one – the Divine is not to be corrected.

A student is only he, who never insults anyone – not in class, nor outside of it.

The student never gets offended, but always tries to find the good in the words, which he was told. He seeks love in everything.

The main goal of the student is to realize the Love towards God, towards everyone.

The student is not allowed to lie. If he uses even the slightest lie, he is finished. One who is not a student is not responsible for the lies he speaks, but one who is a student must not use neither white nor black lies in any case.

Whoever wants to flirt – out of class!

Whoever is jealous – out of class!

The student is pure, honest and sincere.

The students should help each other, not use each other.

The student works consciously for achieving perfection, towards which he strives constantly.

The student is persistent and not affected by the troubles, he is brave and determined. His mind must be flexible, agile and receptive.

Most of all, an occult student is natural and modest, without any signs of play-acting.

Two rules for the student: to not waste his time unnecessarily and to fix the mistakes he made immediately.

If a student meets no obstacles or troubles, then he is standing in one place.

The student helps himself, he doesn’t seek help from anyone else.

Patience, silence and reasoning – that is needed from the student.

The first rule: you should not sacrifice the Divine in you for anything or anyone.

The student must be aware in any moment: is it the Will of God, that he is fulfilling, or his own will.

The student is good, honest, valiant and noble, always connected with God.

The student must be skilled at one art or craft at least.

When a sister – student is present, you should protect her as your eyes; you will be open-hearted, gentle in your relations, thoughts and desires. Also the sisters should be very gentle and delicate towards the brother students, honor and respect them, be gentle towards their souls. The sister should look the brother in the eyes and tell in her mind: I send you my love, my light and freedom.

The purity in you should be as atmosphere in which you live, purity is a condition, an absolute necessity for each student.

You should move with ease, measure and without any laziness, there should be no swinging around, the head should be upright, the sight – clear and pure. The movement of the hands and legs should be in rhythm. Each thing, which you do should be beautiful, thoughtful and musical. The distorted shoulder, head or back should be in upright position.

The student never overeats and often fasts.

The student should never discuss matters, for which he has no full understanding.

The student is free, when he learns.

Students are needed now, who remember and know.

The student has the task to live without the law. He is his own law. There is no one to judge him from the outside.

“Mahar Benu” is the song of the student, who learns most and puts everything into action.

If you worry everyday about different matters, what sort of a student are you? God didn’t send you on Earth to worry, he sent you to learn.

The student must always be awake, right in his works, he should never miss even the smallest moments for making good – that means to give way to the Divine consciousness in himself. Then he receives a good look in his eyes, his face becomes bright.

The student is thankful for each trial and uses it consciously.

The student is not allowed to be sad.

All occult schools recommend singing and playing an instrument as ways for tuning one self.

You should have a high ideal with perfect relations between each other, to strive towards natural labelling.

In order to study well, one needs loneliness, simple and modest surroundings, which will not distract him. The room should be with simple furniture, but beautiful. A chair, a table, an oven, a bottle of water and some books.

For the student, the physical, mental and spiritual works are all sacred and he does them all with love.

The student is not allowed to work on the negative traits of others. He should never stop and think on those if he wants to be noble.

The occult student is not allowed to sleep at daytime.

The greatest gift for an occult student is to have troubles, big troubles.

As students, you should not teach morale to anyone. You will honor the ways of thinking of others and will listen to them. Everyone who lie or gossip around is out of the School. Whoever steals or talks in a negative manner is out of the School. He, who lies has lost everything in my eyes.

Whoever is not a musician, cannot be a student.

The occult student is not allowed to smoke or drink. Smoking and drinking are related to the negative traits of human psychology.

Being a student is granted trough dignity, not grace. Right now, you are preparing to be students.

The student is distinguished trough his nobility, accuracy and bright and sober thoughts. He walks bravely, without any fear or doubts along the way.

A student who fasts should not go on excursions. On an excursion he should bring some bread, water and thank the Lord.

You will not wear black clothes in the School. The clothes must be wide, allowing free movement, in bright and white colors, made of linen, with wide sleeves. Clean clothes and clean bodies.

As students, you should be respectful in your relations. That, which you cannot tell to someone in the eyes, you should not tell behind his back as well. Somebody of you made a mistake. Go to him, give him a brotherly advice, without anyone hearing, do not talk behind his back.

The student learns from anything. Troubles, storms, woes, mocks, insults – those are all lessons.

Narrow-mindedness, lack of bravery, petulance – keep those aside!

A bad habit is like a thorn in the body of a human. The student must work on removing all bad habits. The new teaching has the goal to uplift the entire humanity. The student has a personal task – his own uplifting. The uplifting of humanity is a task for Angels, for God.

Obedience is a great virtue of the student.

The student cannot grow until he has a task to work on.

For the student, music and singing are the armor, which keeps him safe from the harsh conditions.

The student must sing for 20-30 minutes each day. Developing the natural gifts and talents depends on his attitude towards music. To be humble, nice and educated – that is music too.

He, who feels as a foreigner to everyone cannot be a student.

The student needs not only knowledge, but a strong, good nature, which cannot be corrupted by anything.

The gifted student writes in a good manner, speaks well, draws, plays and sings music, feels and thinks right, his works are beautiful and noble.

The student must be his own teacher, he has no need to teach other people.

The student will surely get a taste of sorrow, poverty and illness – for him they serve as a rest.

Light, peace and joy – those are the virtues of the student.

The student learns. Everyone else is just being busy.

If you cannot take the last place, then you cannot be a student.

The student must be aware of all pleasures, which lead to nothing, which stop the development of his mind.

If he gets ill, the occult student can heal himself with the power of his mind and prayer.

The occult student is not allowed to undergo any sort of interventions. As a start, whoever serves God, cannot be ill.

The occult student is not allowed to drink beer, lemonade, wine or any other alcohol beverages.

The occult student works now, he does not leave his work for the future, because he knows that the future is now and today.

Whatever happens in your life, always keep balance.

Feel joy towards each other, while you are together.



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