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28. The Blessing [Promisal]

Da prebade Bozhiyat Mir i da izgree Bozhiyata Radost i Bozhieto Veselie v nashite sartsa.
May God’s peace be with us. May God’s Joy and Gladness arise in our hearts.

Note: Other invocations, carrying the spirit of the original meaning, are also used:

“Divine Peace, Divine Joy, and Divine Gladness to rise in our hearts.”

“May the Peace of God abide and may His pure Joy and sacred Exaltation arise in our hearts.”

“May the Peace of God and the pure Joy of God live in our hearts forever.”

“May the Peace of God and the pure Joy of God rise and rest in our hearts forever.”

“May the Peace of God and the pure Joy of God arise in our hearts forever.”

“Bring the hands together over the head and move them downward. This move- ment expresses that we should freely accept God’s Blessings in all their abundance. As the hands move upward to come together above the head, we come in contact with the energy of the Sublime World which we pull down to the physical world. When the hands reach the physical world, they separate. This means that we have polarity in the physical world. When we are in the physical world we are further from that Reality which underlies the Whole of Creation.

“This exercise can also be referred to as a ‘method for making contact with the World of Oneness.”’

“The exercise I gave you for invoking the Divine is of major importance. It is truly powerful as long as your thoughts and feelings participate. This exercise needs to be performed with sacred anticipation and then the Divine Blessing will embrace you. And know, that the Beings from the Invisible World are observing you, they want to see how you will perform it.”

“Prayer should include within itself the qualities of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, Virtue, and Compassion—as well as many other virtues…”

“Prayer is the most powerful act in a person’s life. It brings human thought, human feelings, and human will into one. Such prayer is powerful—through it, miracles come to pass. The human soul is nourished by prayer and devotional singing.”

“Through prayer, we acquire energy from the Divine World. The Law of Prayer is similar to the Law of Nourishment. When deprived of food, one feels that some- thing is lacking. When the soul is deprived of prayer, a need is also felt. Prayer is the inner necessity of the soul.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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