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The Master: About the Seven Rila lakes and the lake of Purity

The places of the Lakes are magnetic and pure. The entire area is magnetic, especially near the fountain (well), where there is an abundance of ultra-violet rays.

The first lake is called “Maharzi”. This means “The long rest”. One shall rest here. The first lake represents life in the Physical aspect. It is a center of the material matters.

The second lake, where our camp is located, you will call “Elbur”. This translates to “God is the Almighty.” Elbur is also the lake of ordeals (tests). It serves as a border, between the physical and Spiritual world and is surrounded by goodness. The lake Elbur is magnetic on the side of our camp and electric on the opposite one.

The third lake is Balder-Daru. The translation of these words means “The One, who gives the goods.” Balder-Daru is the lake, which represents Beauty.

The fourth lake is named “The twins”. It is connected with friendship.

The fifth lake is “Mahabur”. It means “The almighty and powerful”. Mahabur (or “Bubreka”) represents purity.

The sixth lake is the Heart. The transformation of Love.


Once, near the Heart lake, the Master said:

Everything is Light. Each form is light – the stone is light, the earth(dust) is light, the grass is light, the flower is light. One day these forms will transform into light once again. And people, no matter their location, will come back to light as well. They will become light, as everything is light.

The seventh lake is called “The Head” or “Shemkhaa”. That is the name of Wisdom. “Shemkhaa” is the Divine world.

The lake of Purity

The surroundings here are pure. Thus one needs to be pure as well, in order to perceive the surroundings. What you see now is just an illusion, everything is masked. The good things are masked, because they are not for everyone. There is an audience here, which is observing you. It is interested in your performance. You are the actors.


Source: “Talks near the Seven Rila lakes” and “Harmonizing the human soul”, part 2




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