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16. The Sun Is Rising [Izgryava Slantseto]

Behold the rising Sun, sending brilliant light,

Filling life with joy and pure delight.

Living power, springing flowing power. (4)

Zun me zun, zun me zun,

Binom tu meto.

Latin transliteration of the original Bulgarian text:

Izgryava Slântseto, prashta svetlina,

nosi radost za zhivota tya.

Sila zhiva izvorna techushta. (4)

Zun me zun, zun me zun,

Binom tu meto.

Note: The words of “The Sun is Rising” are carefully chosen by the Master: some of them are in Bulgarian, and others are in an ancient sacred language. In order to experience their profound vibration, they should also be sung in their original lyrics.

“The arms make an arch-like movement upward and to the sides, and then come back to the chest. After that, the hands make scooping movements which imitate the bubbling of the water of a wellspring.
“The first part represents the process of giving birth to the new. All of the Sun’s energy enters us that we may grow and develop. The second part represents the life-giving forces which flow through us like mighty waters.”
“Izgryava Sluntseto [The Sun is rising]. Here with perfect simplicity in music and lyrics, a magnificent picture of the rising Sun is created. The most beautiful, the most solemn moment in Nature—the rising of the Sun. And within the conscious- ness of the human being, a sun is rising as well. It sends light to our life and gives us impulse to work.
The words of the song are: Izgryava sluntseto, prashta svetlina, nosi radost za zhivota tya [The Sun is rising, sending its light, and bringing joy to life]. These words are powerful because they have only one meaning. In the esoteric music, lyrics, and melodies with two meanings are never allowed. The song Izgryava sluntseto is an example to follow.
“Sila zhiva, izvorna, techushta [Live force—springing and flowing]. The music has an external expression, but music needs to be present within the human thoughts and feelings as `well. The musical tones of this song express movement, elevation, and expansion. This means: that what has been suppressed in someone is liberated, and an impetus to the right path is given.
“In order for one to sing this exercise, one needs to enter into a harmonious relationship with Divine Nature. There is no Being more intelligent, tender, compas- sionate, and wise than she. Therefore, humans need to listen to her call.
“Music is one of the greatest Divine methods for energizing. The modern conditions, in which you live, require this stimulation. While singing, you are rejuvenated; when you stop singing, you weaken. You could make an experiment when you are indisposed.
“The words of the esoteric music Zun me zun regulate and balance the energetic forces. They are the measure. Tu meto has one of the best, one of the most beauti- ful meanings.
“Esoteric music is capable of awakening certain sublime feelings which give new impulse to human life. Through it, the beauty of the human face and the human internal life are restored…
“Zun me zun, zun mezun means: The whole of our life, all our life.
“Binom tu meto can be translated as: Let it now be so! And man became a living soul. “The song is imbued with significance, but it needs to be discovered, to be found. This is the relationship of the Great toward the least—the soul. And the least is filled with thought for the Great, for God. The human soul remembers the primor- dial instant of God’s inbreath of Life the soul has received: the first Breath of God’s Divine Breath.”
“Every word represents a picture, an image of something living, either from the physical or from the Spiritual world. Do you remember your first musical exercise at the Esoteric School? The first musical exercise was from the physical world: Sila zhiva izvorna techushta [Live force—springing and flowing]. It represents a vibrant image of flowing water—motion. The second musical exercise was Izgryava sluntseto [The Sun is rising]. As you pronounce the words izgryava sluntseto, begin to think and visualize in front of you the living image of the rising Sun. You see mentally how the Sun is rising, how it sends its light to all Creation, and what its Light does. Izgryava sluntseto, prashta svetlina, nosi radost za zhivota tya. [The Sun is rising, sending Light, and bringing joy to life]. What is the reason for this joy? The joy is a result of this uplift in Nature: all plants are shooting forth, growing, and developing. This is perceived from the perspective of the astral plane, where the energies are more sublime and finer than those of the physical world.”

Excerpts from the book „Paneurhythmy”, 2015 ( you can downlad the file from the link)



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