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The Master Petar Dunov about the Earth

Speaking about reasonable and unreasonable people leads to another contrast – good and bad people. What is the difference between a good and a bad person? The bad one has pores, cysts inside him which make him irritable, rather rotten. The good person does not have such cysts – he does not become irritable, does not rot or spoil.

I am using the word “pore” in a chemistry context, and not in a simple physical one. In chemistry, there are stable and unstable compounds. Porous materials make matter unstable, in the same way unstable chemical compounds disharmonize a person. 

For example, we would call a dead person bad, because his matter is rotting and turns in to smelly gasses. In the process of decomposition, all elements separate and release. When a person leaves his body, every element is freed and is released back to where it came from. We call this process decomposition, rotting, fermentation, etc. This process only happens on Earth. Therefore, we can say that Earth is a place where various physical and chemical processes occur. 

Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? It too is on Earth, but not on today’s Earth, but the Earth that will be in thousands of years. The Earth is only one, but it too undergoes various growth processes. Primarily, Earth was not as we know it today. It is said that Earth was once desolate and unstable, and the Holy Spirit roamed over the Abyss. 

At the beginning, Earth was steam and fire – those are processes it had to go through. In essence, Earth went through water and fire to become what it is today, as we know it. People have gone through these processes and continue to go through a growth transformation. 

The human being has blood, water and heat but that is not to be mistaken by the human soul. In our God-given life, the human soul and the Earth are synonymous because both go through the same growth process.  

God generously gives us many treasures on Earth, however they are all given under set terms and conditions. For example, we are given the seed of wheat, but we must plant it at a specific time. Once it is planted, it absorbs all the necessary nutrients and suitable conditions from Earth. If you plant the seed at another time, you would miss all the suitable conditions for it to grow.
Just like the seed of wheat, the human mind too has a specific time for development, a specific time to extract all the nutrients needed for growth.
One might ask if there is another way to expand our mind. Only one who does not understand, or thinks he knows everything would ponder such thing. There is no way to give an answer to such question.
What do I do instead? – I study the laws of God without asking for reasons why or looking for a work-around.

They say Earth is a tremendous sinner. It is not a sinner; it just tremors from time to time to remind it’s unruly children to behave. I wish you too would have the patience as Earth. Who is not using Earth, who does not take from her fruits? We dig, we farm, we mine and yet the Earth says nothing. When the Earth wants to teach its kids a lesson, it tremors a little bit, closes up all the entrances leading to its depth and waits patiently for the children to grow up and smarten up. Then, Earth slows down, quiets and calms down. For that reason, I say be patient not as God, but as the Earth. 

Some may say “When will I leave this sinning Earth?” I think Earth is Heaven, saints live on it. 

The place where ordinary people live is the place of sin – it is tragic. If you are on Earth around the saints, be happy. It is Mother Earth who is abundantly fruitful. 

Some say the Earth is holding on to us, but you are the one who is holding on tight to Earth and won’t let go. 

The earth is a big, secure ship. All of its components are functioning in place, and it is this ship that will take you to your final destination in God’s place. 

The Earth can age, and it can also get young again and go through the process of aging yet gain, but it will never degrade. Just as people go through childhood, puberty, middle age and aging, the Earth goes through those four periods as well. In fact, the four periods of Earth’s aging determine the four aging periods of humans.

 It is mentioned in the Book: “The sinners will not resurrect” (paraphrased). In other words, when the ship reaches the port, all its passengers disembark, and show their passports. The ones who do not have the necessary papers, go back on the ship and continue their journey. They say, “We are close to the heavens,” and the ones who got off the ship say “We are in heaven, we saw and understood what it means to be here.” 

Whatever happens with the passengers on the ship, the same happens with people on Earth. You all come from Mother Earth, you travel with her, and one day you will go back to her. She will dress you in better clothes, she will give you more suitable conditions for growth. There is no other way. Some will enter God’s place sooner, and others will arrive at a later time. The five mindful virgins entered the Kingdom of Heaven early, and the five mindless ones remained outside, awaiting the right time. 

From “The Five Mindful Virgins”, 1916 

People came to Earth for their own good, for their growth. They have a grand mission: to rule the Earth, to be the masters of all animals. What does it mean for a human to be a ruler? Who can be a ruler, and be a master? To rule the Earth – this means to farm it as you should, to create order everywhere. To be the master of all animals – this means to guide them, to take care of them so well, they are grateful for you. Only the mindful, good and free person can rule the Earth and be a master of the weaker beings. 

The human arrives on Earth – gets born, eats, clothes, studies. As a result, there is an enormous amount of solar energy being used – light and heat, various elements: oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorous, metal, gold, etc. All of that energy costs millions and billions. We witness the growth of the human, but we do not know the price of a human life to Nature. 

How much energy do the higher beings use when they work on the human? – We cannot put a price on that. When a person lives a hundred years on Earth, how much does it cost to Nature? Once we determine this cost, then we could realize if we even have the right to abuse nature and what it has given us. 

He, who abuses what is given to him, is depleting the suitable conditions given to him by nature – to reincarnate. When a human is no longer able to reincarnate, then he will be forever imprisoned. 

From “Everything That is Written”, 1917 

Today, all people are being judged but not in Heaven, as they would expect, but on Earth. Some religious ones think that we live on Earth for a given time, then die and go to the heavens to be judged by God. The human’s destiny is on Earth. There is no need for the human to get out of the grave where he is trapped and then wait to be judged by God, when the human is trapped in his own body. The human is in jail already while on Earth, and this is where he will be judged. 

From “Give and Take”, 1917 

The Earth changes its face in the duration of 24 hours: one side is light and the other is darkness. Therefore, in 24 hours of your life you will be sad, and in 24 you will be joyful. This is a law that has nothing to do with sinning. Sometimes sinning intertwines with the polarity of darkness and light, but they should not be connected. Sorrow is a grand law. There is no human who has not felt sorrow or is not currently suffering. Even God is suffering along with us. No one suffers more than Him. 

When someone says he is suffering, I respond with this: You have just begun to explore what suffering is. It is not a bad thing for one to be distressed and to agonize. In order to feel the greatest and most wonderful things, you must feel the worst and most sorrowful things. 

From 1917 “The Graceful Ones” 

Number 12 shows the orbit which a person moves by. In order for the Earth to move from one part, to the next, it goes through the 12 horoscope signs. The Sun too has its own horoscopes however each phase takes 21 years, where each Sun year is equivalent to 25000 Earth years. According to the Sun’s astrology, we are in the last. Ever since the Earth has entered this horoscope, 145000 years have passed. There are 2008 years left for it to leave this phase. Then, the Earth will enter the horoscope of the planets, and that is when people will no longer have war. In 2008 years, you will confirm the truth of my word. 

From “The Two Poles”, 1918

Earth’s Evolution

The Earth has pulled all the moisture from the Moon. The citizens of the Moon have very little moisture, and all that is left, they keep and use very little of. They are afraid of the people on Earth and that is why they live under the surface of the Moon. They pull very little Moon water, because it will be taken from Earth. 

Millions of years ago, before there was life on Earth, there was intelligent life on the Moon. Today’s inhabitants on Earth came from the Moon, not in the form we know of today. When they arrived on Earth, higher beings created suitable bodies for them. They were the pioneers who came on Earth, while some of the Moon people went back to the Moon only to return and watch the Earth people from time to time without interfering. You might not believe me, but I know what is and what is not. 

It is impossible there are not to be any beings who live on the Sun, on the Moon, or all other planets. Heat is the least significant obstacle to life, to the temperature of each planet, the main obstacle is life. It is the life on each planet that changes the heat of each stellar body; life is the master. 

In the Solar System, there are beings made according to the planet it is on. The Earth is the lowest level a human has gone to. Earthlinks are materialists. The nose, the forehead and color are all chained to Earth. 


The first creatures who came to Earth lived 4-5 kilometers under its crust. They were under very high temperature and over time turned in to gem stones, who remained hidden in the ground. After awhile they became abundant and wished to go on the surface of the Earth, so they turned in to plants. Once they realized the misfortune of the world, they buried their heads in the ground, leaving only their feet out. 


The Moon has the best conditions for scientific experiments. There are no circumstances for sickness and the most advanced students live there. One day when you graduate from Earth, you would live for at least ten years on the Moon. From there, you will go on to Venus where you will also stay for ten years, where they will “sign your passport.” Venus will sign that your feelings are normal and so on. On the Moon there is not enough space for many people, same thing with Venus. There, everything is shielded, and the light is within. 


Currently the Earth’s crust is more stable. The present tremors and activities that happen with the crust are due to the coming of a new epoch. With the Earth, and with people there will be changes that will happen to condition us so there is more space made for the new epoch and the 6th race. 


The original matter the world was made of was many thousands of times less dense than hydrogen. If we were to compare hydrogen to that matter, it would appear like oatmeal.


Originally, matter took up billions and billions of kilometers of space and was in an etheric stage, then in a precise way matter started to pressurize from the inside and outside becoming more concentrated. Afterwards there was a perturbation of this matter, with every trepidation creating its own center. Every central point is an intelligent being. This intelligent being created a vortex. Earth is also moving on a vortex, created from one mind which stands like a captain of a ship, guiding its movements. 

From “Grain of Wheat” issue 26, February 2012. 



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