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In the current conditions of life, it is better if one is a vegetarian. Meat brings negative elements in human organisms, which it hardly handles. They affect both his physical and mental life. For the lower-strata animals, meat is needed, but for an uplifting life, such as human’s, meat is harmful. It hinders mankind in the process of his evolution. The food which one eats, determines the elements, which he imports in his blood. The meat of the current mammals is polluted, yet humans keep eating it. Knowing this, one must be cautious about the purity of his blood, because it determines his health and mental condition as well… The higher one ascends in his development, the purer food he needs to use.

The four fields, Lecture by the Master, held on the 5th of November, 1930, Wednesday, Sofia

If you are a vegetarian and you wear leather shoes – that is a crime. Nature has a harsh, unchangeable morale, which is applied equally to all people. It is not important if you realise what is right and what is wrong. One day the cattle will hold you responsible for the leather, by which your shoes were made. It is no excuse that you just bought those shoes. If you wear shoes, made by the leather of the cattle, then you take part in the crimes of those, who butchered them. Look deep inside of you and ask yourself: are these shoes from stolen leather or not. If they are from stolen leather, do not take them – even for free.

Живот и благо, Лекция от Учителя, държана на 18 ноември, 1932 г.

Somebody asks, should we eat meat or not? How will you answer that question? The meat-eaters will answer in one way, the vegetarians – in other. How does the meat-eater justify himself? Does the constitution allow eating meat? The old one did, the new one does not. One must know the natural laws of life and nature and let them be his guide.

Equal relationships, Lecture by the Master, held on the 3th of November, 1943, Sofia – Izgrev

Plant food, compared to meat food is healthier. Meat food creates more poisons in the organism than plant one.

I will boast myself, Morning Lecture by the Master, held on the 23rd of February, 1936. 5:00, Sofia – Izgrev

When Man receives the Divine life, he will use natural and pure food. Today people suffer physically and mentally, because they eat wrong. They don’t know what food they use. If you want your stomach to be in condition, use only one meal per day and never overeat. Vegetarian food is recommended as well. From vegetarian food, fruits are most recommended.

Divine Spirit, Lecture by the Master, held on the 29th of September, 1929, Sofia – Izgrev

It is joyful to meet a person, who carries some new idea: it is a good feeling to meet a person, who carries the idea of reducing the sufferings of animals, for which he became vegetarian: it is joyful to meet a person, who offers his aid to the suffering and poor ones; it is joyful to meet a person, who examines the illnesses and the ways by which they may be treated, with the only purpose to reduce the sufferings of people; it is joyful to meet a priest, who gave all himself in servitude to God out of love, helping people, taking them out of the crossroads, on which they came across; it is joyful to meet a person with a great idea, with great faith, with great love.

I and Father are one, Lecture by the Master, held on the 20th of April, 1930, Sofia – Izgrev

If a man is healthy, after eating meat – let him eat. If a man gets ill, after eating vegetarian food – let him eat meat. Let him pay for the future. If a man who eats vegetarian food is healthy, let him eat. For thousands of years not only animals “ate”, but people as well. Once upon a time, when they were fighting and killing each other, they ate their enemies as well. The people they kill, they used to eat. We saved ourselves from huge evil on earth – eating human meat. It is so differentiated, that it brings a big disease. I want to tell you the reason why we should not eat meat. For a certain period, while we ate animals, meat, we could repay our mistakes – they had benefit of it, we had as well. But since mankind walks in the opposite direction of animals – they still descend and will keep descending for thousands of years, while we ascend – we can conclude, that eating meat is a sort of a trap, which hinders the evolution of mankind. It is meat that creates all these sufferings, which people have. It forms a vibration in the mental world, where all the diseases are made. A lot of hatred forms in people. It is hatred that gives birth to the strongest of poisons. People who eat meat get contaminated all the time. The future race must give up meat completely. Whoever does not will be left behind. Whoever wants to enter the Kingdom of God, will give up meat, because the Kingdom of God is not about eating and drinking. Everything must be according to freedom – that, which the mind understands, the hearts understands and the Will understands.

Life is more worthwhile, Lecture, held by the Master on the 15th of November, 1942, Sunday, 10:00, Sofia – Izgrev

Be thankful even for the little that is given to you. Nowhere in the Divine book it is not mentioned that people should eat chicken, lamb, pork. In the Divine book it is said that a man should eat of all fruits, except from the ones of the forbidden tree.

You will say that a lot of butter is needed to fry some potatoes, to feel good after. But that is not mentioned in the Divine book as well. Why can’t you eat your potatoes boiled in water with some salt? Today many people are in trouble, because of food. To fulfil the requirements of their stomach, they are willing to do anything. They betray their faith, their will, only to make their stomach happy.

Health and strength are not related to fabulous food intake. The pure and natural way of life helps us get rid of toxins. This leads to far less troubles as well.

When I am speaking about natural food, I have no intention of making people follow my ways of eating, but I try to guide you to eat only foods, which you enjoy and which your organism enjoys.

What is the purpose of someone becoming vegetarian if he keeps looking back at meat, feeling sorry? It is better for such person to remain a meat-eater, than being a vegetarian and suffer. When you change your ways of eating and life, do some experiments in order to see how your body reacts to the changes. If it reacts in a good manner, follow it, else – go back to your previous ways of eating.

A certain gentleman decided to quit smoking after doing it for a long period. For a while he managed to not smoke, but then became so nervous, that he kept arguing with his wife and children. Even for the slightest of matters, he beat his kids and still didn’t relax. Finally, his wife told him: “Instead of feeling angry, beat our kids and lose your mental energy, you better start smoking again and relax.

One must follow only that food regime, which leads to improvement in his nervous system.

He looked at Peter, Sunday Lectures, 18.08.1918, Sofia



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